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Discussion in 'Support' started by hackeagle, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. hackeagle

    hackeagle Member

    I built some batterys, electric furnces and coal gen., and i can't figure out how to charge the batterys for them.
    can someone please help me please?
  2. be more descriptive...maybe take a screen shot of the machines that you made.
  3. hackeagle

    hackeagle Member

    No screenshot needed, I just want to know how to charge batterys and how to use the coal generator
  4. there is alittle lighting bolt symbol put a charged battery in there do it in creative to find it out that is what I did.
  5. hackeagle

    hackeagle Member

    How to i Charge BATERRIES?
  6. flashman111

    flashman111 Administrator Staff Member

    How about you look at the Universal Electricity Wiki?!
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  7. you have a coal generator/battery/any power source powering a battery box and then put the empty battery into the top slot. You'll know if it works if with no battery the top number on the right side of of battery box gui is going up. :) hope it help's
  8. Jake

    Jake Member

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure you have to have a battery box to charge batteries.
  9. hackeagle

    hackeagle Member

    Thanks alot guys, but i just can't figurre out how to make the coal gen. to work?
    sorry for being noob
  10. put coal in the slot and then run wire to the battery box. and its ok
  11. Just make sure you wait a minute for the Generator to charge up enough before it starts charging your Battery.
  12. yeah forgot about that.

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