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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Waggish, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Waggish

    Waggish Member

    Im sure there are people like me out there who are far into the mod and want to live in space but theres one problem, you have to have TONS of leaves, and turning off leaf decay makes the game more dull, so I suggest adding something hard to craft but will give you air for little effort, maybe have it found in a tier 2 dungeon.
  2. Karazanik

    Karazanik Member

    Turn off leaf decay, or grow some trees in your base.
    Deal with it.
  3. Dinammar

    Dinammar Member

    Creative. Do it, i DOUBLE dare you.
  4. MasterOanarchY

    MasterOanarchY Moderator Staff Member

    You can gather oxygen from plants other than trees.
  5. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther Member

    Yeah... the mod is in alpha and only tier 1 objects and tier 1/2 rockets exist. I don't see why better/more advanced machines wouldn't also eventually exist. A water electrolyzer would be a perfect addition. Have a tank of water, a little electricity, and turn water into oxygen and hydrogen. Use the oxygen to breathe, and the hydrogen to burn for power/rocket fuel.
  6. Formula350

    Formula350 Member

    I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I've been doing nothing BUT play in creative so far and leaves still decay :\ Which is weird since last I recall they weren't supposed to with creative placed leaves. I even tried giving myself it with a sub-ID, as I'm pretty sure that used to be another means of getting non-decaying. Whatever I do, they decay. I can grow a tree fine, have it sit for hours w/o any decay, but as soon as I place an O2 collector then game-over lol In about 30mins they've all decayed (on mine and village farm grown trees) o_O

    More on topic though I actually WAS hoping that we'd be able to do what NASA plans to if they ever actually set up camp on the Moon: extract O2 from regolith (I believe through heat). There already is an Electric Furnace in the game, so give it an O2 pipe connection and feed it Moon Dirt, presto changeo: "easy air" :cool:
  7. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther Member

    yeah there's an option for that in the config files. I think it's stupid to HAVE to mess with config files. Especially when higher tiered machines could make air through other means. Anyways, the mod's only in alpha, so other air mechanics are sure to eventually make an appearance.
  8. Karazanik

    Karazanik Member

    Leaves dont decay even if you will place them in survival. It's oxygen collector that makes them dissapear.
  9. Formula350

    Formula350 Member

    Yea I was beginning to come to that realization. So is it intended that you bring a massive stock of saplings with you from Overworld and continually replant as needed? If so then that's fine, I just need to figure out what is implied you do :)

    The Wiki is a bit misleading in that regard since it says place leaves, but unless you have Silk Touch and have harvested a boatload of leaf blocks then I'm not sure how you'd place them in Survival heh
  10. Ezer'Arch

    Ezer'Arch Moderator Staff Member

    Shears ;)
  11. This is why i suggested Co2 recycler!!!!! It would prevent the decaying without cheating!!!
  12. IsoMS

    IsoMS Member

    why silktouch? just use shear like Ezer sad.
  13. Karazanik

    Karazanik Member

    as guys above said, use shears to get leaf blocks. You can also plant trees on other planets/moons/stations, homever they need 4 water block's neart (not sure if source block's, or flowing ones)
  14. Formula350

    Formula350 Member

    Ah, didn't know you could use Shears for that, cool beans.

    From the looks of it, just need 4 blocks to be water (I'd say standing, not flowing), in any of the 8 blocks surrounding your tree. Before someone above mentioned the O2 Collector as the reason to why they decay (which I don't see the logic behind that personally), I tried surrounding the dirt block the tree is planted on with water, and then the same but 2 blocks deep. Unfortunately, while neither decayed just on their own (even exposed directly to space), once the O2 Collector is factored in the leaves immediately start to decay :( I originally encased one in glass, stopped the movement of time so it was always noon (plants need light), gave it water, Sealed the glass structure and encased it in an O2 bubble... Still didn't prevent decay! I think a Sealed room WITH a Bubbler can be sufficient to prevent decay, but that's just me :p
  15. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther Member

    Currently, nothing stops the leaf decay except turning the option off in the config. If the leaf mechanic stays the way it is in future version, then I hope other methods of producing and storing O2 will be made available.
  16. ....Co2 recycler.... !!!!
  17. Karazanik

    Karazanik Member

    Nope. This works like planting wheat. Water must be max. 4 blocks away from sapling to count.
  18. Formula350

    Formula350 Member

    Just to clarify in case it was missed, they currently do not decay IF left alone, as I've planted a tree in open-space and left it for hours w/o problem.

    But I agree, we'll need a more reliable means and I'm sure one is being worked on.
  19. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther Member

    I know this. You shouldn't have to mess with config options though. The leaf decay would be fine if there were other ways of producing air.

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