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    I always like it when a mod has very high tier things, it makes you want to work to something. GalactiCraft seems like the perfect mod to have really endgame things to me.
    I know many of my ideas are hard/impossible to code, but I thought the entire space travel thing that's already coded was just as impossible to make.

    p.s. A summary is at the bottom.

    Reverse engineering aliens stuff
    People have suggested new solar systems and stuff, but what about new stuff on them. I'm thinking of alien civilisations with alien technology that can be reverse engineered somehow to create really Advanced contraptions.
    To make it even more high end, some alien machines only work in extreme environments. For example past the event horizon of two black holes, but in a state of equilibrium between them (so you don't get sucked in). Using the massive gravitational pull, you can activate the alien machine that let's you do something awesome (maybe make solar systems move through the power of the black hole).
    Things achieved through reverse engineering
    - Gravity control, a fancy (and probably uncodable) version and a version that won't give Micdoodle as much coding nightmares.
    - Quantum drives, more on that later.
    - Warp drives, more on that later.
    - Self sufficient mobile biospheres, think big habitable space vessel, possibly intergalactic (would be awesome)
    - Terraforming, change weather patterns, change biomes, change temperature.

    Gravity Control. FANCY

    Using the alien technology you have managed to reverse engineer, you have created a machine capable of harnessing the power of gravity and use it to move other celestial objects. The only problem is that your machine is rather inefficient...
    This machine needs a gravity 'source'. The mass of the source and the distance to the source are the two mayor factors in determining how much gravity your machine will be able to get.
    Moons give a little bit of gravity, planets more, suns even more, blackholes immense amounts, and supermassive black holes even more than that. The closer you are to the source of gravity without actually touching it will also help greatly.
    This is dangerous though, especially with the objects with more gravity like suns and black holes. When you get too close to suns, your machine can be damaged by the heat and radiation. Black holes are kind of obvious why they're dangerous.

    Gravity Control. DOABLE

    Same way of getting gravitational force, only it's used for different purposes. Instead of moving objects in space, you can increase the gravity of an entire planet/moon/etc. This can be done up to a point where normal rocket-fuels (tier 1 engine) don't suffice to get of the planet, and squish you to death if you don't wear proper protection. You can also direct gravity away from a planet/moon/etc. to lessen the amount of gravity on a planet.

    Advanced engines
    In reality it would take ages to reach another solar system using conventional rocket-fuel rockets. Something similar can be done in minecraft by limiting how far more 'primitive' engines can go from their starting position (fuel left is something else; an added complexity)
    Engine list
    Tier 1:
    Rocket-fuel, already in the game
    Tier 2:
    Nuclear, needs less fuel, faster (and therefore a larger range), can power larger space vessels
    Tier 3:
    Antimatter, needs very little fuel, very fast (big range), can power very large vessels.
    Solar Sail, no fuel needed, fast (same range as nuclear), can power very large vessel (if sail is big enough)
    Tier 4 (reverse engineered from aliens):
    Warp, needs a lot of fuel to open up wormhole, near instant (near unlimited range), can power everything if the warp drive is big enough,
    Quantum, need less fuel than warp (but still a lot), instant (unlimited range), can power everything if the quantum drive is big enough, needs to have an end destination with a quantum receiver,
    Works by putting the vessel in a superposition (two states at the same time).
    In one state it's and the start location, in the other at the end station.
    Needs an end station to go to, can't go around freely

    Tier 1
    Bullets, useful for small attack craft. Rapid firing but little damage, gun& ammo are cheap
    Cheese thrower, useful for small attack craft, medium fire speed no damage, gun is cheap and so is the cheese. Completely useless except for fun.
    Tier 2
    Space missiles, useful for all battle space vessels, slow firing a lot of damage, gun is cheap ammo expensive
    Rapid railgun, tier 2 version of bullets, useful for small attack craft, rapid firing medium damage, gun is expensive but ammo cheap.
    Tier 3, needs to be reverse engineered from alien tech
    Gravity gun, only on the larger spacecraft carrier, slow firing massive damage, gun is expenisve ammo is gravity (which is expensive).

    Different ships

    Tier 1
    Satellites used for harnessing gravitational energy and for launching rockets that are too big for planetary launch. Can't be accessed/walked in. The info about gravitational energy can be viewed on the planet/moon/etc below, while launching rockets from orbit will first require you to go into a normal rocket, leave the planet/moon/etc, and when plotting your destination in the galaxy map, you can choose to make a stop at the satellite to change ship.
    Tier 2
    Space docks can have quantum ports on them (quantum travel end-stops), and is the only structure in which the biosphere can be made.

    Tier 1
    Spaceships for interplanetary travel, uses tier 1/2 engines
    Tier 2
    Starcruiser for interstellar travel, uses tier 3/4 engines
    Needs to be launched from orbit.
    Tier 3
    Biospheres for intergalactic, uses tier 4 engines
    These are big incased landmasses made of normal minecraft blocks, but can go to different locations (think small, mobile, fancy end island). In the center of this island is a computer in which you can choose to go somewhere else.
    when you move with your biosphere, everyone and everything on it is taken from the original position and placed at the destination. Biospheres cannot land, they are too big. If you want to go to a planet/moon/etc. from a biosphere, you need to bring a rocket with you and launch it from the biosphere.

    Tier 1
    Attack craft
    Same specs as the travel spaceship, but with guns/turrets.
    Tier 2
    Space craft carrier
    Has to be made in space docks. Much larger than the attack craft/ space ship, but smaller than the starcruiser. It can launch smaller vessels such as attack craft. For interstellar travel, uses tier 3/4 engines

    Tier 1
    Meteor breaker, breaks meteors (or meteorites, or whatever, basically small asteroids) and harvest some of the elements inside, uses tier 1/2 engines
    Tier 2
    Asteroid/Comet breaker, breaks asteroids/comets, harvest some of the elements inside, can harvest larger objects than the meteor breaker, uses tier 1/2 engines.
    Tier 3 (need alien reverse engineering)
    Gas giant absorber, harvest uninhabitable gas giants, harvest some of the elements inside, can only harvest gaseous space things, uses tier 2/3 engines.
    You can't visit the surface of gas giants (if they have on at all), so this could be a use for them.

    Both the tier 2 and 3 mining ships need multiple trips to deplete an single 'source' (a handfull for asteroids, more for comets, an immense amount for even the smallest gaseous planet)

    Different destinations
    Black holes: point of no return, not much here of interest besides a lot of gravity
    Nebulas: massive amounts of rocket-fuel, and fanciness.
    Asteroid belts: lot's of small landmasses, maybe asteroid mining ships?
    A 'dimension' consisting only of small pieces of land (or asteroid)
    No gravity at all (for codings sake & asteroids barely have enough mass to keep you on the surface, not to mention what centrifugal forces do when they have a day/night cycle of a few minutes). You need a rocket pack or something similar if you want to go anywhere.
    No gravity causes: Arrows don't slow down, items don't fall, liquids expand in all directions (if they don't freeze/evaporate), if you get knock- backed, you never stop...
    Comets: why not?

    Reverse engineering alien stuff for scientific advancements
    Different version of space travel: Spaceships for interplanetary travel, star-cruisers and biospheres for interstellar.
    More types of engines: Tier 1: fuel, electric. Tier 2: Nuclear. Tier 3: Antimatter, solar-sails.
    Tier 4: warp-drives, quantum-drives.
    More types of destinations for fanciness
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    I got a lot of this in my suggestion thread aswell.
    I agree with these ideas.
  3. sioux786

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    Gr8 i totally support these ideas :D
  4. PureTryOut

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    They sound awesome, but it also sounds very hard to code.
  5. Dunewolfz

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    In my suggestion thread I had that the final world you visited was Nibiru, the boss you killed dropped very valuable items and weaponry. Unfortunately though, I accidently hit backspace when my cursor wasn't on the text... 20 minutes of thought... gone. :(
  6. flashman111

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    I know that feeling.
  7. Woz2

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    Forward didn't work? Usually works for me. But ya, I know what you mean.
  8. cur25

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    I added more ideas for the asteroid belt, as well as some more info on other things.

    Thanks for the compliments though!
    Oh and Flash, I love your drawings in your suggestion thread XD.
  9. flashman111

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  10. cur25

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    added a lot more ideas, hopefully these are more possible coding wise.
  11. cur25

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    I added idea for combat ships as well as weapons that can be attached. Also: a cheese shooter. It shoots cheese but doesn't damage. It's just for fun.
  12. Marc

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    So in depth! I like that. I think the mod as it is seems... Primitive. I like the way you think; Big. Great ides my friend. I hope to see some, if not all, of these things implemented.
  13. Theforeseen1

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    Make like a solar nuke that wipes a hole solar system out
  14. cur25

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    A nuke of that magnitude would be heavily overpowered. It would be like instantaneously destroy 18 minecraft maps, seeing as almost each planet/moon/etc is a separate map.
    It could be fun in Single Player though.
  15. Theforeseen1

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    No like you have to use so much materials
  16. ...control/command + z.... use it bro...
  17. Woz2

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    An explosive of that magnitude is ultra-unrealistic. Especially a nuke. Nukes are basically useless in space. The power of the nuke is that the initial reaction causes of chain reaction of fissioning atoms. In a vacuum, there are no atoms for the reaction to travel to. Ever tried using a Voltz antimatter explosive on the MMM moon? Although not at all accurate, (you have several grams of antimatter in the explosive, and a single drop is enough to level all of New York City, possibly excluding all of non-downtown. Can't remember just HOW much it'll level) it's basically what happens to explosives in space. Novae and super novae are so devistating because of all the plasmatic particles either at fusion temperatures or just below it. The only thing nukes are good for in space is dumping out lots of radiation. Which you can just make a gamma laser for.
  18. flashman111

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    +An atomic bomb could never be that big, not even an hydrogen bomb. There is a limit
  19. Woz2

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    Ya, the particles would slow down even if the nuke was the size of the sun and there was matter to transfer the fission. So, any conventional one is out of the question. However, a plasma-based explosive may be able to do so. Not any old plasma explosive, one with plasma almost, if not more than, as dense as a neutron star. It'd be far hotter than anything we've ever imagined. But that could launch enough particles and not be huge. Or, obviously, enough anti-matter. What the anti-matter doesn't directly destroy, it will fuse and fisse (is that the right word?). And that fission will travel much farther than a standard nuke. And it'll probably cause a lot of.chemical reactions along the way that'll help it a bit.
  20. flashman111

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    1 milliliter of "Neutron Star Material" Is like 500 billion kilogramms :O

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