Mars and dungeon boss playtest

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  1. Ezer'Arch

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    After 4 days editing and stuff, my video is out.

    Video: Minecraft: Galacticraft - Mars and dungeon boss (playtest)

    Finally Mars is out! And I went there to test some stuff and kill the boss, a 3-headed creeper that shoots TNT. Lots of sludge, bacteria, obnoxious zombies and darkness.


    This is not an actual gameplay. It's a playtest. The idea was to test the new features of Galacticraft, Mars release. I used creative mode a few times to gather the material I needed, to gear up or move around and then switch back to survival mode to take the real risk. It saved me a lot of time.

    Long story short...

    After landing and climbed up a mountain, I started testing the terraformer and a few things. Then I headed to the closest dungeon to fight the boss and get the treasure with schematics for a more advanced rocket.

    The 1st Dungeon was broken. It didn't have the boss room. I thought the big cave was the boss room and I had to collect the egg in the middle. I spend almost a hour trying to find the boos room. Those caves extend forever.

    Then I found the 2nd dungeon. In the end, after fighting armies of mobs, the way to the boss room was blocked. I opened it. I have never seen that boss before. After 6 or 7 minutes struggling, I managed to defeat it. Got the treasure key...

    There are tons of things I'd like to talk about, but I'll do later on.

    This video features...

    Among other things:

    - Tier-2 Rocket.

    - New planet: Mars with its own terrain generation, new ores and blocks. Day-night cycle of 20 minutes. Make your shelter to put yourself safe before the sunset.

    - Terraformer: a machine that converts martian soil into cultivable soil. Needs buckets of water, saplings, seeds, bone meal and electricity.

    - Slimeling, a pet-utility mob that can transport items (like a mule) and protect the owner like a wolf. It eats anything. Don't forget to feed it to make it stronger and bigger.

    - Sludge flooded caves with poisonous vines and sludgelings, macro-bacteria that attack players and hostile mobs.

    - Mars dungeon: like the Moon dungeon, dark, full of hostile mobs all the way long.

    - Evolved Creeper boss: a 3-headed giant creeper that shoots TNTs at the player.

    Technical Details

    Mods and APIs used:

    - Forge 804
    - Galacticraft 642 and 647 (with Planets and Micdoodle8 Core)
    - Rei's minimap v3.4_01
    - ShoulderSurfing v1.5.1
    - Magic Launcher

    Music used:

    0:03 - "The Most Beautiful Day" by Professor Kliq (license CC BY-SA)
    3:12 - "One Sly Move" by Kevin MacLeod (license CC-BY)
    5:54 - "Enter the Maze" same
    8:48 - "Satiate Percussion" same
    12:05 - "Interloper" same
    15:36 - "Steel and Seething" same
    20:06 - "Wire & Flashing Lights" by Professor Kliq (license CC BY-SA)

    Links and Credits

    * Galacticraft by Micdoodle8 et al:
    * Rei's minmap by ReiFNSK:
    * ShoulderSurfing by Sabar:
    * Professor Kliq:
    * Kevin MacLeod:
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  2. Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk Member

    Awesome video.
    Best way to deal with slime things: drop active TNT on their heads.
    I tried the creeper boss, and I have two things to add: Build yourself a pillar made out of obsidian/dungeon wall against a corner, and climb it up, then sit there and reflect his tnt.( Blast protection armor is important for this strategy), and the boss is nonhostile if spawned on creative, and immune to damage. ( E.G Giant creeper pet!)
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  3. Ezer'Arch

    Ezer'Arch Moderator Staff Member

    Okay, my base is all set, with essential things.

  4. Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk Member

    How do you have MPS on mars???????
  5. IsoMS

    IsoMS Member

    so you have that mod to.. i acctully replaced it with jammys furniture mod..
  6. Ezer'Arch

    Ezer'Arch Moderator Staff Member

  7. IsoMS

    IsoMS Member

  8. Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk Member

    It says MPS requires forge. version 849
    And when i use a later versin of forge, anytime i place/use anything from mps i get a gamecrash
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  9. Ezer'Arch

    Ezer'Arch Moderator Staff Member

    I got this error too. MPS #677 is crashing GCCorePlayerSP and causing player entity to tick. And I don't know what happened with the MachineMuse's repository, all the old versions are unaccessible. :S

    I have an older version of MPS that works with CG. You need to install these 4 files in mods folder, for forge 804: (LINK DEAD) . Inform me if you got the files.
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  10. Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk Member

    I have the files, but have not had time to test them yet.
    Same result. only crafting table and lux capacitor show up, rest are hidden in creative menu
    upon placing any of the items, game crashes.
    Edit- The problem is with optifine hdb4
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  11. Ezer'Arch

    Ezer'Arch Moderator Staff Member

    I had a zombie infestation on Mars.

    So I decided to play King of the Hill with Modular PowerSuits.

  12. IsoMS

    IsoMS Member

    wait if mars is in the 1.6.2 and MPS in 1.5.2 how can you even combine these then?
  13. Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk Member

    Dev builds. However, the current build does NOT work with optifine in my experience.
    (Sad for texturepacks)
    Edit: I was using the B4, not the C4 version.
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  14. IsoMS

    IsoMS Member

    i can just say 1 thing...


    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´
  15. MasterOanarchY

    MasterOanarchY Moderator Staff Member

    Unusual as I'm using the latest optifine, and the latest dev build. Let me know if you're having trouble.
  16. Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk Member

    I was speaking in regards to Modular powersuits, which the latest dev builds are buggy, and thus I have to use the version that Ezer linked.

    And Ezer, Did you change the MPS energy capacity in config?
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  17. IsoMS

    IsoMS Member

    Can anyone give me a link to the modular powersuit dev build page?
  18. IsoMS

    IsoMS Member

    Nvm found it.
  19. IsoMS

    IsoMS Member

    lol everytime i try the 1.6.2 it crashes my game even with afresh minecraft mods folder.

    EDIT: to be clear its build.#686 so ou know.
    please can someone tell me whats wrong?
  20. Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk Member

    I am using 668, not 686.

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