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Discussion in 'General' started by evangds, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. evangds

    evangds Member

    I am running build 777 on MC1.6.2 and have been digging at various depths and cannot find silicon ore.

    silicon ore > raw silicon > used in circuit fab

    upon cheating in some silicon ore and placing it, the block name tooltip shows it as "" and upon breaking it it does turn to raw silicon. I just haven't found any naturally occuring

    EDIT: based on the block name showing as titanium I restarted my internet search using that, one galacticraft related search showed that the block known as titanium only showed below level 20 and is more rare than diamonds.
    I am going to focus in that region.

    why would one of the earth's most abundant minerals (silicon) be so damn rare in this mod?
  2. evangds

    evangds Member

    sooo... found my first piece of natural "silicon ore". much easier now that i know where to look.

    is it intended for it to be generated at such a low occurrence?
  3. MasterOanarchY

    MasterOanarchY Moderator Staff Member

    I would have assumed you do something with sand to get silicon. Thanks for the update.
  4. Mastergalen

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  5. MineFusion

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    shouldent silicon be very common not rare its one of the most abundant elements
  6. MasterOanarchY

    MasterOanarchY Moderator Staff Member

    That's for MicDoodle to decide. Commonality on earth doesn't dictate what makes a good minecraft recipe.
  7. Dinammar

    Dinammar Member

    Micdoodle and Mr. Potatoe! Mr. Potatoe is very important and you just forgot him like that!
  8. Douglas_Fresh

    Douglas_Fresh Member

    I would only be speculating, but I imagine it is to make higher tech equipment a bit more challenging to craft, which I am quite ok with.
  9. AcapitalA

    AcapitalA Member

    As far as i know silicon is almost as rare as diamonds, in 5 days i got 6 of them...
    Also, i think the outcome form the advanced wafer should be 2 instead of 1
    In 5 days i got: 4 diamonds/6 silicon, there's my theory based form.

    B.T.W. i think i ate mr. potato last night :eek:

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