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    Space suit with abilities

    MPSaddon has a oxygen mask. And then you can have jetpack on your MPS suit. MPS = Modular Power Suit
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    Black Hole

    I think this mod is more of planet-travel than space-travel, if you know what I mean
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    An earth-like planet!

    do you know what new models and textures are? a texture pack
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    editing makes the topic more organized and to prevent burying posts
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    Basic components are not loading in the creative menu!??!

    I am pretty sure its true
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    galacticraft 1.5.1 machines

    read wiki
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    whats the .avi suppose the mean
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    Basic components are not loading in the creative menu!??!

    it is because GC has UE implemented, meaning GC has Basic components in it, all 1.5 ue mods have basic components implemented
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    Weather...IN SPACE

    like what happen to the dinos
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    Weather...IN SPACE

    I chance so small that it will never happen
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    Weather...IN SPACE

    seriously, a comet destroying a PLANET?
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    What new things could be added?

    I am using build #69 but I can't find the sealable Id list
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    Weather...IN SPACE

    I don't think moon has meteor showers
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    Server overloading on single player

    no one told you to use build #104
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    The Mod

    well, after you enable autosave, a "autosave" folder will pop out in your game folder, and clicking in, you will see the different autosaves