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    Addon [1.12.2] Interstellar - Exoplanets (

    Have you heard of the Amun Ra addon? You could make your own version of the motherships. If you haven't heard of Amun Ra, the motherships are basicly a space station that can have engines attached and then moves between planets and stars. The mod has ceased development and is stuck in 1.7.10.
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    Addon [1.7.10] Amun-Ra 0.4.8 - Now with Motherships [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]

    I really liked this mod, and I wish it would be updated to 1.12 so we can enjoy it with other mods.
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    flashman's Suggestion Thread

    Amun Ra does this with their motherships. I'm fairly certain the equation involved doesn't involve deceleration or insertion burns. Those I imagine are more complicated, but mostly doable.
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    flashman's Suggestion Thread

    I can point you to the Amun Ra addon (not updated to 1.12 yet). It adds Motherships, which are similar to space stations, except the move. You put multiblock thrusters onto your ship, place down a nav block, pick a target, and off you go. It would be cool if it got more support.
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    Silicon based life-forms in the astroids.

    I don't think a silicon-based lifeform is very plausible, because apparently silicon structures aren't very stable. Carbon is still way more versatile and could still be used to produce Alien-looking creatures
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    Addon [1.7.10] Galaxy Additions [For Galacticraft 3] [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]

    That's uncalled for! There are plenty of reasons for a prolonged release date. It's only dead when the developers say so.
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    Addon Galacticraft Clock Mod

    I feel there could be more features that could easily go with this. Like a map of the surface, but requires satellites. The Map's quality is decided by the strength of the satellite and if they're in orbit around the planet.
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    Theme for GC5?

    Really? I though major features for GC4 were done
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    Theme for GC5?

    Changed (11/8/17): What do we want to see in GC5? What needs to be done? Ignore: Do any of the Galacticraft devs have any plans for GC5? Are you keeping it secret? Please tell us something!
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    Anyone have any ideas for any Unique GC centered minigame

    If you don't want to even consider that, I think a Spaceship vs Spaceship battle would be worthy. Oxygen would be needed. You could also have classes and Oxygen recharge pads (from command blocks. Just replace a players O2 tanks with full ones after a moment or two. Tricky part would be putting...
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    Anyone have any ideas for any Unique GC centered minigame

    You could use command blocks to help with most anything (Since it's GC4). When more addons are updated to GC4, you could use a lot of them (See the Giant Galaxy Modpack) and host interplanetary warfare! The Overworld will be a kind of hub/neutral planet. Players should have an accelerated start...
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    Item Transfer Cable (a way to move items)

    I think an upside-down hopper would be easier and better. It functions almost like normal (It doesn't "suck" up items) and can draw from above.
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    Addon [1.12.2] [1.7.10] Galaxy Space [2.0.14/1.2.14 Pre-Final Build]

    I like this idea. It isn't their until later and makes lots of sense. Nice one!
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    Addon [1.7.10] Amun-Ra 0.4.8 - Now with Motherships [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]

    If you start anew, would you be opposed to "addons" to your mothership portion of the mod? I have some ideas I'd love to add to them, but don't have the coding know-how to create my own version of the motherships. P.S: I think "O.As.I.S." would be a better name than motherships (Orbit-ASsembled...