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    A Vehicle in Astro

    A driveable spaceship is a good idea! Space travel between planets was denied, as you would see in one of the stickied threads. This spaceship would be useful for space stations, though. I think it should be crafted a little similar to a moon buggy, but replace the wheels with orion drives and...
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    Lower space station tp Y level.

    I like this idea! I was actually thinking about posting this but I'm not active on here much due to lack of internet. Players should be allowed to fully utilize the 256 blocks. Let's say someone is wanting to build down and they use worldedit to do that. They want to be able to acess that part...
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    Port To Minetest

    Minetest is not just a test. It has more advanced settings than what minecraft has, and mods can be loaded server-side. It may not have many features, but it's also advanced in other ways. When I'm not playing minecraft, I may be playing minetest.
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    Port To Minetest

    I would like to play this mod in Minetest, a game that's a lot like minecraft. It would be interesting to play this mod on there. A few recipe changes would be needed, though. Since there is no redstone in minetest, the redstone should be replaced with mesecons in the minetest version. Mesecons...
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    Compatibility with Better Portals?

    I have used Better Portals mod to bypass the loading screen to go between planets. Here's how to do it: Set up nether portals on the planets you want to go to (you must do it in a sealed room or within an oxygen bubble or it will not work). Then, light the portal and hopefully when you do this...
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    Hey @Ezer'Arch, if you like a suggestion, does that mean it has a good chance of being added to...

    Hey @Ezer'Arch, if you like a suggestion, does that mean it has a good chance of being added to the mod?
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    The New Laser Turrets Are Underpowered

    Now I added that poll choice.
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    The New Laser Turrets Are Underpowered

    I already posted a suggestion like this earlier:
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    ⚠ Important Galacticraft WorldGen Facelift

    I'd love to see new biomes and terrain in galacticraft! Here are some other changes I'd like to see: The Mars and Venus atmospheres could use some tweaking. Sunrises/sunsets on Mars should be a cyan color. On Venus, the sun should rise in the west and set in the east, and the sunrise/sunset...
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    Different Tiers of Air-Locks

    Also, the Tier 3 Airlock would emit a force-field that you can walk through by default. It keeps the air in, but allows for a clear opening without the need of a compression chamber. It inherits the same abilities as Tier 2, but with a force-field instead. The smart airlock feature can be...
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    Different Tiers of Air-Locks

    Edit: The Tier 2 Airlock will be automatically opened without redstone/approaching when the condition is met. You don't have to approach or activate the smart airlock to open it, it just has to read breathable air or lack of it on both sides, and it auto-opens/closes accordingly.
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    Different Tiers of Air-Locks

    Thanks for explaining it to them! Just two problems: Tier 2 Airlock should be called Tier 2 Airlock Controller, and it needs to work to detect air if I wanna place it in the floor/wall/ceiling.
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    The New Laser Turrets Are Underpowered

    Like the title says, I could spend much less time killing a zombie with a diamond sword than the laser turret torturously shooting the zombie a gazillion times. That's with unarmored zombies. Just think about what effect it will have against armed, skilled pvp players! NONE! I love the idea the...
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    Different Tiers of Air-Locks

    Please only post in english. Thank you. Would someone please make an addon for the different tiered airlocks as suggested? I made a post in the addons section here.
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    [Addon Request] Addon for Upgradeable Airlock Tiers

    The default airlocks are getting bland. There needs to be different tiers you can upgrade to. Here's what I want: Tier 2- Smart airlocks: They can be set to auto-open when both sides are pressurized with breathable air, and auto-close when one side is no longer breathable. This would be useful...