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    Addon Galacticraft Clock Mod

    That'd be great, though I may not have much use for it since I prefer creative mode. I'd just use it for decoration, and it'd have to be compatible with 1.7.10 since that's the version all my mods are on. I think other people would need it more than me.
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    Help with Addon Versions

    I got Galaxy Space. It's working great! Extra Planets would not work for me for some reason, though. Would you happen to know what version of Extra Planets works well with the version of GalactiCraft I'm using?
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    Addon [1.7.10 - 1.12.2] Blank Planet *Updated 07/09/2018*

    There is actually no GalactiCraft 4 for 1.7.10, as far as I've seen. I have the latest GalactiCraft 3 for 1.7.10. Which version of BlankPlanet do I need for that? The version I downloaded crashed the game.
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    Addon Can someone make a terraforming addon.

    There's already a terraformer in the mod, but when I found out it just created a bubble, I wished it could terraform a much larger area. I don't know about changing the temperature since the length from the sun decides that, but on planets that aren't too hot or cold, I think it'd be cool if...
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    Addon Galacticraft Clock Mod

    This is really great, though there are no install instructions. Most people don't know how to build from source code. Either provide a .jar or provide instructions on how to build from source. Otherwise, most people don't know how to install it.
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    Help with Addon Versions

    Hi! I use Minecraft v1.7.10 and have been using GalactiCraft v3.0.11.333 with the More Planets addon v1.2.9 for a while now. I would like to upgrade to the latest versions of these for MC 1.7.10 and have installed GalactiCraft v3.0.12.504 for 1.7.10. It works fine by itself alongside my other...
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    My Space Station is gone, how do I get it back?

    Glad you figured out what was wrong. Here are a few things to know for future reference. I found these things out the hard way. The first is to always make a backup of your world after each session. That way, if something goes wrong, you can restore the backup. I've learned to backup constantly...