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    GalaxyCraft | 1.7.4 | Galacticraft 2 | 100 Slots | PVE | Factions | Paused

    Any mods aside from GC ( Rei/zan's minimap, UE mods) ?
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    What about redpower2?
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    Colored Glass in 1.7

    Except for the eternal wait for 30+ mods to update......... And they just have to go ahead and rewrite the rendering engine.... Run all ye, whose computers do not work with openGL! Run!
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    Ideas for Eve...Ahem i mean Venus.

    Venus needs a corrosion effect, that adds constant slow damage to armor.
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    The Solar System - increasing challenges (very long)

    Great ideas! My only reservations are that the phaser seems cliche, and 2 hour nights??????, and something like 20 minutes seems more appropriate.
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    GalacticCraft N00b To Pro

    Go do daz modulair powairsuits configz, turn up damagez for "Pla EZ ma cannon"
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    Reactor Designs

    You want tons of energy, go fusion/ that other reactor thing I cannot remember. However, If you want easy, fusion is a bad choice.
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    Jupiter as Next Planet and a Lot of Ideas!

    Me wants Vulcan. Cant wait to set off a bunch a red matter bombs. Failing that, venus would be fun.
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    GalacticCraft N00b To Pro

    Modpack w/o NEI????????? Never heard of such a thing....... Which modpack is it?
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    Atomic science issues with GC

    Still, modular powersuits is still 1.6.2, its addon pack is 1.5.2, and many of the other mods I like have not updated to 1.6.2
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    Atomic science issues with GC

    Screw 1.6.4 & 1.7 , I aint playing them till my mods get updated.
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    Exactly. The 1.7 update seems like mojang is taking a leaf from extrabiomesXL. Personally, I find mods are what make minecraft worth playing.
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    Atomic science issues with GC

    While I agree that is is buggy, and not worth having in its current stage, the id conflict is not its fault, because atomic science was not designed with galacticraft in mind.
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    what mods do you use most with Galacticraft and why ?

    Gosh....... Ummmm Modular powersuits is a must. Every other tech mod I can get my little robotic fingers on.
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    Atomic Science Still Results in Issues

    Using the green build, not latest white build works for me( for ICBM, only the latest white build works)