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    Space Colonies

    dude fix yr images THERE BROKEN
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    Beam Separator ( Spreaders )

    It would be like the light rail in futurama.
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    Idea: Travel to other planets [Solar Systems?] after creating a wormhole using a wormhole generater.
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    Solar panel arrays for space stations

    Man this would be so cool to have. They can go in and out right? Like when u dont want them out they fold in?
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    I think these are all good ideas that at some point should be added Its a dream come true... ITS PERFECT!
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    Heat bubbles and sealers

    I think this would be a verry good idea because it would give gc a much more real feal.
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    True I've been making an Asteroid base in creative and just been thinking about all these.... It would be hard but then again the Satellite dose not have to be able to see into other Dimensions.
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    Launchpad size

    I like this idea. It makes since. But maby this should be added for the rockets above tier 3? Cause they will be even more powerful
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    Magnetic belt to attract items before they fly away

    Would be cool. Idea: A new item is added called the Grav Belt. It can be worn over anything. The idea of the belt is that on any planet/Asteroid you are on has normal gravity(While wearing the belt). 1: Medium recipe 2: Asteroids have the same gravity function as the satrs from the star...
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    Ok well thank you for that. But the idea is still a good one for updates. and even just for normal server tradeing.
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    This would be rly helpful. Idea: A machine that u can set and lock a trade so players can't cheat it. This would be helpful for items that do not have a crafting recipe like the astro miner. With the tradeing machine u could set it to take a stack of diamonds for 2 astro miners.
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    I know it would be hard to add into the game but something simular like it. Like for v 1 u can just out it into orbit and it will collect rocks. For v 2 you can add a cannon or something.
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    This is the #1 thing I would like to see added to GalactiCraft. Idea: You can make a satellite that is sent into any planets orbit. The you get an anmination showing the satellite unfolding. Once it is working and powered (through a tesseract or battery) You can zoom in on that planet or zone...