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    I think there should be a place where you can go that is not a planet or a moon, as the name suggest, I think space should be in the game, there could be giant meteors that you can land on, each of these would have some minerals in them. you would parashoot over a giant meteor with your chest of...
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    Tips on oxygen generation or whatever

    Interesting, I hope he (as in micdoodle) codes real moon trees in the mod, so we make a oxygen farm (?) or something like that.
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    Tips on oxygen generation or whatever

    I tried using bonemeal on the tree, that didnt work, how am i supposed to get the trees to grow?
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    Tips on oxygen generation or whatever

    I kind of wanted to make a moon base, but the only way i have found a way to do so is filling parts of the room with leaves, making it look kind of ugly, just a quick question ; Are there any alternatives to getting air except filling a room with EDIT: I put air instead of leaves here, my bad.