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    Pressurized rooms

    I did a search on it before posting , I'm glad its been suggested before at least people are thinking about it :)
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    Pressurized rooms

    Allow oxygen to fill up an area of an enclosed space in order for air to be pumped via vents into other areas of your base. Currently if you setup a room with an oxygen distributor the area of oxygen is limited to the radius of the device even though the oxygen would typically keep building up...
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    Artificial gravity for your land base

    As the title suggests. A way to create normal gravity within a certain radius of said block or within areas containing oxygen.
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    Impassible air blocks after used by air collector

    Your game type (Server or Client): Client Your Galacticraft Version: 0.0.14 Minecraft Version: 1.4.7 Minecraft Forge Version: build 524 Any other installed mods: yes Error Report (if applicable): n/a The game mode the bug occured in: (SSP/Survival Single Player, SMP/Survival Multi Player...