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    Make a Discord Server for this

    Um.... Yeah... Do that.
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    Mars varient of the nether

    Nice idea.
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    Please update galacticraft 3 (Suggestion and Update)

    I don't think that's going to happen, because then the developers need to disevolve glacticraft (it's vanilla) Did I stole your name?
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    Utility Satellites

    This ideas are the best I heard so far! Start to learn coding, you are going to make a addon.
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    Space Station: Gary

    Thank you! I never thought of having a space station that is balls. You are a creative person. and I would like to see your other creations!
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    Space Station: Gary

    That's right! So.. I love making space stations... but this one is my favorite so far! I did built huge Gary in outer space and gave him oxygen gear so he can survive and I also gave him a Frequency Module so he can hear properly. His shell is 21X 21Y and 7Z so it can contain 9 rooms of 7x7...
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    Beam Splitter

    I was messing with beams and figured out that there is the Beam Reflector that focus few rays into signal one but there's no block that is able to split one rays into few.
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    Ideas for Galacticraft 5 based on the Future Plans page at the wiki

    I am really enjoying up here It's a giant hamster wheel.
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    Ideas for Galacticraft 5 based on the Future Plans page at the wiki

    I did found this interesting! I found it too much interesting and exiting! This space station might not be on floor level but my guesses where highly accurate! I never was so hyped before, it's like my dreams come true!!! (or at least ideas come true or whatever) I am just disappointed this is...
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    Ideas for Galacticraft 5 based on the Future Plans page at the wiki

    I was reading the Future Plans page in the wiki and saw that the next dimension is not a planet. That made me think of what could it be, Mercury against Jupiter... Jupiter is made out of gases, so it isn't really a planet right? Well these are my guesses tell me if I am wrong. I also read on...
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    Power instead of storage for galacticraft vehicles

    I think storage is very needed. after u loot a dungeon and u have no inventory space, u can put anything in your rocket. but that suggestion changed my thinking. energy storage inside of a vehicle like cargo rocket seems like a very good idea. so u can move energy thru space dimensions, you...
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    More musics ?

    Make them longer as well.
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    Ion Cargo Rocket

    I agree, fueling cargo rockets stinks. An electric cargo rocket sounds like a good idea.