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    Addon Galacticraft Phobians [Discontinued]

    GALACTICRAFT PHOBIANS The Story Line So while exploring space is fun and all, thus far there is no storyline to Galacticraft. You explore space because you can and want to. Enter the Phobians. Residents of the small moon of Mars known as Phobos, they seem to be peaceful. But things are not...
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    How to Write a Basic Moon Addon (1.7)

    Hi yall, its me again. Back with another tutorial on making an addon for Galacticraft 1.7. A lot has changed since my last one, and this is going to be my attempt to explain it. Luckily for any prospective addon makers, Mic and Radfast have done an excellent job in making the 1.7 API extremely...
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    Linux Server Possible?

    What you can do is upload your forge universal installer, put it in the directory you want, and run java -jar <name of forge jar>.jar --installServer The command is case sensitive btw.
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    Are there any addons? There are no Public, Downloadable, addons for galacticraft?

    I can attest to that. A long time ago I started working on an addon. Then school came up. The amount of time it takes to have the idea, write the initial code, do the textures, bug test, bug test, bug test some more, and then keep bug testing really add up. So I don't mean to discourage people...
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    School is busy. Don't expect me to get back to any requests any time soon. Next large break is...

    School is busy. Don't expect me to get back to any requests any time soon. Next large break is thanksgiving, but I hope I won't need to wait
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    mars 1.5.2

    Chances are, you will probably have to wait for the other mods to update if you want to use them with mars. I seem to recall micdoodle saying he was done with 1.5.2, although don't quote me on it. I'm serious. Don't quote me.
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    Development How to Code a New Planet

    Yes, that problem occurs when you try to run the mod in eclipse. I still do not know how to fix it, so for the time being you have to reobfuscate it and run it via the minecraft client.
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    Development How to Code a New Planet

    That's done in biomes. This is not a tutorial on that. Are you putting them in the lib folder, and are you adding them to your eclipse workspace?
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    The Nation Minecraft |Version a0.1.39.641| 20 slots| Professionally Hosted and 24/7

    In order to do that, I would have to change the server configuration file, and then everyone who joins would have to change their file. Due to that, and the fact that I like decaying leaves, I will not be changing the server configuration file.
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    Let The Games Begin!

    I can't believe I actually clicked that link...
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    Let The Games Begin!

    Well since this thread has been hijacked, I might as well use it to complain about how something is screwed up in my addon without me even changing any code. Just great.
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    Let The Games Begin!

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    Let The Games Begin!

    Has anyone tried launching a rocket in the end and seeing what happens?
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    Let The Games Begin!

    /give yourself the portal block, then make a lattice of them, since if you try to place them next to each other, they disappear. What you have to do is first make a frame out of a block, make a wall behind the lattice of a solid block, then fill in the holes with portal. Then take out the frame...