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    How to add plugins to galacticraft server mainly just essentials

    he was telling you to google it yourself.
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    Space Elevator (WIP)

    my guess is they are waiting on RP2 to be updated to 1.5, like a lot of us
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    GalactiCraft Endgame

    I know full well what is the driving force behind nuclear bombs. and they don't give a (*#&$ about air ever heard of a HAND? High Altitude Nuclear Detonation? It is a Nuke detonated in LEO, not much air up there plus the US at one point was thinking about nuking the moon as a tech demo, I don't...
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    Artfical Gravity for Space Stations

    which is what I was saying earlier, we don't need to limit it to just rotating sections, (which would be a PITA to do right unless you count that UGOCraft mod)
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    Artfical Gravity for Space Stations

    you still don't use a single stage rocket to get into orbit
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    Better Oxygen and more decoration blocks

    right now the oxygen system doesn't work with closed buildings, he is still working on it
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    Artfical Gravity for Space Stations

    you are thinking in terms of reality..but we don't use single stage rockets to get to orbit or anywhere in the solar system artificial gravity shouldn't be limited to current tech
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    GalactiCraft Endgame

    there is no upper limit on hydrogen just have to keep adding "fuel" to increase the size. the fuel being the matter that is used to fuel the fusion reaction. there IS however an upper limit on practicality in terms of size and why do you think a nuke wouldn't work in space? the nukes...
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    Add Plants that arent real

    party pooper.
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    Concerns/Need advice for oxygen

    perhaps an advanced O2 system that uses water and power to create the O2 and you also get H2. it is what is used on the ISS. This would be a perfect system to be used for structures. (and get H2 which is a decent Liquid fuel for rockets)
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    Touché Micdoodle...

    I just picked up the Twilight forest mod...these mobs, plus those in glacaticraft will make great additions to my bro's danger room and boy am I glad I have IC2....the quantum armor is a lifesaver!
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    Artfical Gravity for Space Stations

    you technically are not in zero g, you are just in free fall and it just looks like you are in zero g
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    Add Plants that arent real

    Tatooine!!!! Dagobah! Dathomir!
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    Planet Proprieties

    you want a funny fact? the first russian probes had a sugar based switch in case they landed in water.
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    a CO2 scrubber.

    maybe the number of leaves near the collector increases the size of the bubble produced by the distributor.