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    How To Make Simple Planet Addon Please ?

    It's been a while since i have played Minecraft and now iam trying to make a planet it's just like a small addon test but i can't find something that can help me i have searched a lot in the forum but i can't find help it's not clear can anyone guys help me ?!
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    Planet-based ore densities

    Good idea but mars rich in iron oxide more than iron ores
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    radfast can you help me on how to code a new dimension for Minecraft 1.7.10 i really really need...

    radfast can you help me on how to code a new dimension for Minecraft 1.7.10 i really really need a help please :)
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    Galacticraft API how to install

    How to install Galacticraft API i have installed the source files and all the dev files but what to do then put the source in the src and dev in the build path but it says micdoodle8:any when i try to run minecraft from eclipse any help ?
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    Galacticraft API setup Problem

    when i try to load Minecraft from eclipse the game says Micdoodle core:any Help
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    Addon 4Space [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]

    How can i get this mod ? please Matt i need to test it looks awesome ( i mean Minestellar Mod)! :)
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    Guys iam what do do next !?

    I have ran out of ideas on galacticraft what to do building bases then what ? Help give me ideas please
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    Galacticraft doesnt work on my modded server

    Can i ask you something guys ? ok i need help on how to add a planet on galacticraft i mean i want to add my own addon i have codded alot of weapons armors and blocks and alot more ! but i don't know how to code a planet any help guys ?
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    Want to translate GalactiCraft? Check this out!

    radfast hey i can translate the arabic lang if you want !
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    Artificial gravity for your land base

    Great Idea !
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    is mcdoodle8 adding jupiter/new planets

    its is hard to code a Planet ? really iam asking because i started to code Blocks ores and tools and now working on ore generations
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    New Sol system?

    it will be great like adding kepler 22b or kepler 186f
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    yep i also wondered about the radiation
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    can i ask a question why did micdoodle started from mars and the asteroids belt and didn't make mercury and venus first ?
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    Galacticraft 3 Release Notes

    Me 2 tried to press Enter button but the game crashed