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    Oxygen gear doesn't work underwater?

    Hi, I got to thinking about how astronauts in training practice what they will do in space underwater. So I have a suggestion to enable the oxygen gear to make it possible to breath underwater. Thank you for your time.
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    Completly no gravity on space stations

    I was playing around on my creative mode space station and noticed that your character slowly falls down as if there was little gravity. I think it will be a great addition to remove the space station gravity as it is in real life. Maybe adding a jetpack that the ISS astronauts use for survival...
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    Space Suits

    lol i know that didn't sound right xD
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    Space Suits

    So there are already suits with mekanism?
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    Space Suits

    I think a good little addon to this great mod will be to add a little more difficulty. I was thinking of a new suit that looks like a modern astronaut's Protective Space Suit. Basically adding a chest piece, leggings, feet, even gloves. If you are without any of these items you will take damage.
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    Invisible copper wire

    One day i was was messing around in creative mode testing out all the gadgets that come with the mods compatible with galacticraft and all of sudden the copper wire i place turns invisible as soon as i place it. I tried everything and its not just a temp glitch from what i can tell it happens...
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    Can't craft Iron plates?

    Nice thanks for your help man :)
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    Can't craft Iron plates?

    Thanks for responding, I have the build 1.35.335
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    Copper Wire bug

    I'm still having this problem in 1.35 :(
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    Can't craft Iron plates?

    Hello I started to gather parts for my rocket and I discovered I cannot craft iron plates for some reason. Any help or explanations will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    UNIVERSE-CRAFT | Galacticraft Server | Whitelist | PVP |

    Username: madrocker360 Age:15 Country: U.S.A Do you swear a lot?: Only in private messages with my friends xD Have you ever griefed?: Never because I know what it feels like to be griefed. :( Are you mature: Yes, I dont use unnecessary profanity and talk about questionable things all day like...