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    a simple change

    But not enough to overrule the majority. That's why it's the majority.
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    Oxygen needs to be WAY more dynamic.

    Oh. Yeah, I get it now.
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    a simple change

    This is really irrational and particular.
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    An Exploreable Space Enviroment

    You can't walk in space.
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    Advanced Air locks

    This is simalar to my idea.
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    Oxygen needs to be WAY more dynamic.

    You need to revise that. I just don't understand.
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    [REQUEST] Language

    Psst... Buddy... You spelled worst wrong.
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    Oxygen needs to be WAY more dynamic.

    What I mean is, the oxygen bubbles that the distributors create, well, they suck. Not to rip on the mod, but the air system is pretty , well, lame compared to the rest of Galacticraft. My idea: the oxygen should distribute throughout the (most likely) enclosed are it was set off in. On the...
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    New Planets and Resources

    Don't be ashamed.
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    GalactiCraft Endgame

    So in depth! I like that. I think the mod as it is seems... Primitive. I like the way you think; Big. Great ides my friend. I hope to see some, if not all, of these things implemented.
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    Ships as Maps + Tech Ideas

    Warp generator. That's intriguing.
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    what should be added to all planets

    You shouldn't suggest if you don't have the mod. Word of advice.
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    Woooo this is gonna be awesome! However, a question

    Oh. Let me go delete my help thread...
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    How Do I make CHEESE?

    Now how do we make the CRACKERS?!?!?