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    1. ataxdude
      i cant create a space station itsays cant create staion here and i have all the items
      1. Gamegeek1234
        Post that in the Bug Reports.
        Jul 11, 2013
      2. wolfboyft
        What, in your inventory, or the spaceship's inv.
        Sep 10, 2013
    2. Gamegeek1234
      Micdoodle, I have a small problem here...
      All of my messages and posts over the past month have been deleted and I'm not sure why. Have I violated something?
    3. kosta
      can you make the oil easier to find please
      1. micdoodle8
        You can edit oil gen factor in the config.
        Jun 26, 2013
    4. endershea
      can you add that oxygen tanks can be put into a bubble thing to create oxygen because my space station is big and all but i dont want to have trees on it as takes up room please reply
    5. denis
      micdoodle8 Can I have an updated forge log without Basic Components installed, but enabled in the config please.
      Saturday at 9:22 AM Delete

      denis http://pastebin.com/TtyCyNt5
      Saturday at 9:27 AM Delete

      denis Thanks for the answer and help
    6. denis
    7. Gamegeek1234

      I would like to report an abuse by tyrantelf for the following:
      Threatening to temp.-ban Mark Bolhuis for not replying to his message.
      Extreme swearing.
      Just plain abuse of power.

      I hope that something can be done. (:
      1. Gamegeek1234
        And extreme insulting of other people.
        May 24, 2013
    8. Mark Bolhuis
      Mark Bolhuis
      I have been doing a lot of thinking about suggestions for this mod. I was wondering if, i could have the
      API you have made to allow additions to the mod, just to experiment with the ideas we have come up with, and to see if we can put this idea into practice.. I would really appreciate it.

      By the way is there any fixed release date for the API
    9. Gamegeek1234
      Um, Micdoodle, me and Marcus have been working out some ideas for Galacticraft that I'm hoping you could see, The posts are Black Hole, Proportioned Rockets, and Enemy Ships. I hope you can take some time and see these! :D (I understand if you don't.)
      1. Mark Bolhuis likes this.
      2. Gamegeek1234
        I mean Mark
        May 23, 2013
    10. Jonathan Hughes
      Jonathan Hughes
      Hello, Micdoodle8. I would like to see a Galacticraft "official" technic mudpack on technicpack.net. However, I am not the person to do it as I have no modding experience whatsoever.
      1. flashman111
        Apr 27, 2013
    11. enterprise12
      Hello micdoodle, i was wondering if i may begin developing add ons for this pack, i am with a couple of other friends getting together to start making mods, we are not professional but want to learn, we know very basic programming and are working to learn more.
      It would probably be awhile till we get anywhere and get things going, but i was wondering if we get into it if we could make an addon/work together.
    12. Toonu
      Hi micdoodle I translate GC to Czech language can you add it in next update?
    13. Nexonoid
      hey Micdoodle8, i can translate galacticraft into spanish :) just pm me and send me the list of items that i have to translate :)
    14. Mikolaj
      Hey there. When will you add more planets to Galaticraft?
      1. Nexonoid
        he said that he will!
        Mar 31, 2013
    15. Davilovich
      The best mod I've ever tasted!I hope you keep up the good work! I have very high expectations for this mod. If you need help with a Spanish translation, count me in!

      Greetings from Spain! :D
      1. Gamegeek1234
        lol wut? Tasted?
        May 21, 2013
      2. kosta
        lol! tasted
        Jun 26, 2013
    16. golum_mechanic
      fast question: does moon durt grow back to moon dust...?
      (like overworld durt and grass)
    17. Woz2
      Hey, do you have the numbers for exact gravity of all the planets or no? If not, I can post a list of it. So, if you wanted to you could post the units rather than the percentage and have us figure it out on ourselves. The actual units would just seem more science-y, ya know?
    18. Woz2
      Don't really wanna bug you, but did you read my Alpha Centauri suggestion/idea? Really would like to know what you thought of it, although I don't wanna add tones more to your already large checklist. This mod is great and has some really awesome potential. And whatever you do, DO NOT PUT ANY OF YOU BLOCK IDs IN THE 4000's! Seriously, it seems like EVERY mod used that range do like the 7000's, nobody uses those.
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      2. micdoodle8
        And yeah I'll have a look in the suggestions forum
        Mar 11, 2013
      3. Dunewolfz
        Really? Some mods I have have items which go well above 10,000 :|
        Mar 12, 2013
      4. micdoodle8
        Yeah that's item IDs. The block IDs are below 4096. That's why the blocks are always first if you scan through NEI.
        Mar 13, 2013
    19. chris
      8 months of work?.....i wish thank you was enough
    20. 1029chris
      how easy is it to find fuel?
      1. Dunewolfz
        Sorry to pop in unannounced but, when you stick to layer 20 in a new world, it took me about 20 minutes of mining forward to find a fuel source (not to mention I drowned in it lol)
        Mar 6, 2013
      2. Woz2
        Fairly I think. It'll work with Industrialcraft/Buildcraft oil.
        Mar 11, 2013
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