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  • Greetings!

    I am planning a Child's Play Charity event in January and we'd like to have your Galacticraft mod (and add-ons) in our Modpack! I searched the wiki and your website and I didn't see any mention of permission with respect to distributing your mod in a modpack.

    Also, if you are interested in joining the games, please let me know!


    I recently watched a picture about this mod in a web page, and i found something strange. here´s the link: http://puu.sh/5M0Dd.jpg
    Can you tell me what is making that green "life" bubble? it is of this mod or it was on it? (english isn´t my main language).
    Greetings from Chile
    That's a terraformer, which is included in the mars addon.
    also I wondered if you could allow the members to post download links in private converstions because I want to show dinammar some textures ive been creating in spare time, and I don't want anyone else to see them, or at least not yet, can you let us put download links in conversations?
    U can do it in your fourm in messages
    Hey do you think you can add a bright orange-red sky on mars instead of the stary sky and show mars moons at nigh? Mars would look much better if you did, plus a lot of people want it to happen
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    I'm not sure if i'd prefer an orange-red or a gray-purple sky, because while gray-purple skies are scientifically correct, orange-red skies look way cooler :p
    Changing the "achevement base" in crossbow 2 config worked wonders once I figured out what you meant and how to do it (with a lot of help form alexljn5). I am now bock in my modded game map. Thank you so much for your help and quick adress to my problem. And for a kick ass mod. Once again I'm reacing for the stars, minecraft style.
    Well it doesn't seem to crash anymore(for now) using the latest build but are you sure it didn't show about it? Cuz i am sure I took from the right one or not....
    Oops, just went back and checked out my bug report, derp, did NOT mention those mods.

    Well, that was dumb of me. No idea on how to fix it either.
    Just wanted to say thanks. GC is my favorite mod and I appreciate all the work and attention you put into it and addressing/putting up with everyone's concerns. Patiently waiting to see what's next!
    Recipes using Forge liquid dictionary "fuel", such as ICBM Missile Modules or filling Tank Carts from Railcraft with fuel. Not in a log save for a mod list, but I mentioned those mods, didn't I?
    why do you keep deleting our addon, and why did you ban galacticraftgamer, we didn't do anything wrong, we just made an addon, like that thread is for, plz explain
    He was banned for violating the license, and he has made multiple accounts to get back into the forum.
    Could i use Galacticraft in a private modpack for 4 people please. My friends have 0 experience at installing mods
    I would like to use your mod Galacticraft in my modpack.
    I added a donation button. Is that all right?
    That's fine yeah, thanks for letting me know.
    Hey Micdoodle there are some few problems with some ores. Tin and copper mine too fast. Tin can only be mined with iron pickaxe and up I don't know if that was intended. But also aluminum is not mineable by iron, again I don't know if that was intended.
    how to lunch cargo rocket please hel micdoodle8 on my thread how to lunch cargo rocket you can find it in general
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