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  • There seems to be a major problem when people try to generate custom blocks on there own planets like with super4ever4mc and his venus addon and the starcraft addon. Is it possible to fix this for them? P.S youre the best modder ever :D
    MidDoodle, i found another bug concerning Aether 2 xD
    They both do not work again, please check my bug reports post!
    Please help on my computer I can't write messages on this forum anywhere I'm on my iPad right now why can't I write messages here on my computer it's so hard to do everything on the ipad
    Micdoodle8: I cannot connect to adfoc.us ever for some reason and henceforth cannot get galacticraft with mars. I only have galacticraft because I got it off Jenkins. I could not find the jenkins dev. now as you changed the site. I was wondering if you could give me the link to the versions that is not via adfoc.us. Please help. Thanks
    I'm using the default english launguage. I downloaded it at latest stable build on Jekins
    micdoodle8: I have ideas about the other planet bosses if you add a boss to every planet (would be cool :D)
    The First boss i saw in a video of Captain Sparklez in youtube (Take back the night) 4:50 - 5:09 a giant monster which destroyes every block
    Galacticraft Wow!!! Its the best idea i saw ever and the best Mod Ever!! Good Luck ! Micdoodle8
    Can I have your permission to re-upload the Galacticraft and Micdoodle core on a separate thread via MediaFire? People seem to be having loads of problems getting it through Adfoc and Jenkins and if I could maintain a separate thread for such it would save a lot of hassles
    galacticraft is the best mod ever i don't know why but i think it is because any other space mod is so awsome!!! (i hope my engils is good )
    Can you please add a better batterybox to survive the moon night without other mods?
    Because i would need 30 batteryboxes to power 1oxygen collector and 1 oxygen bubble distributor a whole moon night.
    I thought about:
    Advanced batteryBox
    Storage: 70MJ
    crafting: 6 BatteryBoxes
    please continue reading here: http://pastebin.com/vnjUifqr
    Dude thanks so much for helping. I hope to have a long and prosperous time in Galacticraft! (Does the oxygen system have to be so darn complex? haha no worries.)
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