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    A few changes to make the game better.

    So in this list i'll offer a list of additions and changes that Galacticraft should have. -A holographic solar system model that can be placed. It will show planet movement and the sun. -If you can see earth from Venus and Mars. You should be able to see Venus, and Mars from earth as well. -Make...
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    Can someone make an addon for this.

    So I really want an addon which adds a new solar system and a bunch of whacky planets. I currently got 2 planet ideas. Nemo Phoroneus: Star. Orange Colored. Planets orbiting it: Palioxis, Jungle Planet Palioxis: 50C Degrees, 0.5 mass of earth, 50% gravity of earth, 2x Atmosphere, Purple...
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    Rockets crashing.

    *smashes into it with a rocket*
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    List of Features I want.

    I can tell the only things that will be taken out of this will prob be mercury, ceres, and that model of the solar system u can place.
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    List of Features I want.

    Blocks,cosmetics, etc -A model of the solar system that has the planets orbiting. Planets,celestial bodies, etc. Sol: -Some planetary moons: like Titan, triton, Io, ganymede, etc. -Pluto -Eris -Ceres -DeeDee -Sedna -MakeMake -Mercury 55 Cancri System: -55 Cancri b, c, d, e, f. Corot 7 System...
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    Few celestial bodies that should be added/ be able to land on.

    The thing is. I want a select few
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    Earth-Like planets?

    I've heard an idea similar to yours. Except every dimension has their own planet.
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    Few celestial bodies that should be added/ be able to land on.

    Io: Tier 4. Jupiter's moon. Alot of Volcanoes leaking lava over the tops. Mercury: Tier 4. Closest planet to the sun. No atmosphere. Massive sun. Freezing at night. Hot at day. Ariel: Uranus's moon. Tier 6. Has alot of ice. Very cold. Titan: Saturn's Moon: Tier 5. Alot of oil. Pale orange...
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    Rockets crashing.

    When you're launching off a planet. You can direct the angle of the rocket with WASD. But the maximum angle u can tilt it is about horizontal. So how about theres no limit and you can turn around. Crash into the planet. Create a massive explosion and crater with fire. Killing you. Destroying...
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    Addon Can someone make a terraforming addon.

    I love galacticraft because of all of the community. But there is something missing. Terraforming planets. Specific planets Mars, Venus, and some planets from other systems should be able to be terraformed by the player using tools. It will be expensive to do but it would be a very cool thing to...