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    Bigger Earth

    The Earth should be bigger but not round.
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    Yogscast fails

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    Rewenable oil

    I really don't see the point in a renewable oil source. The Minecraft world is huge, you can travel 30,000,000 blocks out from the origin as of the 1.7.2 update. Are you really that lazy as to go out and find other oil wells? And it's not like the oil wells are hard to find either. In the case...
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    Jupiter, gas or core

    I understand this is Minecraft, but I think Galacticraft should be somewhat realistic in this sense. It just doesn't make any sense to "land" on Jupiter, considering the intense gravity and lack of solid surface. Same goes Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, there's no surface. Just as OpelSpeedster...
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    Jupiter, gas or core

    I feel that Jupiter and Saturn should be left out of the mod. The gravity on both planets is so intense it's impossible to survive. Unless he plans on adding a pressurized suit or something of that nature to keep you from being crushed to death. I think the focus should be more on the moons of...