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    Invalid Oxygen Setup

    My guess as to what's happening here: In a space dimension, standard (vanilla) air blocks are not breathable - they count as "vacuum" The Oxygen Sealer works by changing all air blocks in the sealed room to "Breathable Air" blocks When the Air Lock opens, the blocks which make up the air lock...
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    [1.7.10] Problem for oxygen

    Most people don't know this but the Oxygen Collector also works with crops. So just make a wheat farm and hang an Oxygen Collector above it. I don't know why your leaf blocks are disappearing, but it's not our mod causing that.
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    Astro Miner Causing Damage

    Same, no idea. There is literally no connection between a hopper or items in the AstroMiner Base and anything in our mod which can cause player damage. Please can you test the same setup for me with only Galacticraft installed? It's possible that one of the other mods in the SevTech pack is...
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    Problem : I'm going on Oberon instead of the Moon ( Tier 1 )

    I don't know the exact reason. But if your friend can play OK, and nobody else can, then the most likely reason is a config difference. Can you make a copy of his config folder for everyone to use? If that doesn't fix it then try raising with MJRLegends the author of Extra Planets.
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    Problem : I'm going on Oberon instead of the Moon ( Tier 1 )

    1. Maybe your friend's server and your game have different versions of one of the mods (even a very small difference like version 175 instead of 176 might matter here) 2. Maybe your friend's server changed some of the dimension settings in configs, and you need to have the same configs 3...
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    Astro Miner Causing Damage

    Could be an Extra Planets issue - any SevTech / Extra Planets players here care to comment? Extra Planets adds a whole load of damage sources like radiation and pressure, which I don't really like too much in terms of game design because you have to grind so much and can die too easily. But...
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    Shield controller is buggy... + Venus rain question

    1. Thanks, this seems like a Shield Controller visual bug - maybe the same bug as reported here at item 4 2. That's intended behaviour. The atmosphere on Venus is corrosive all the time, even though it only rains sometimes. Wiki entry for Venus - please edit it if you want to, that will...
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    Missing registry entry

    It's fine, you can ignore this - it was only an internal name change in Galacticraft and Forge derping about it. The music still works in builds 169 and 176. And after you have played the world a bit, you won't see that Forge error again.
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    Development [1.11.2] Proper API Installation?

    You need to do 1 of these 2 things: * add GalacticraftCore or just the Galacticraft API as a "library" in your development environment or: * add the full Galacticraft sources alongside your own source code in your development environment (needs the access transformers to be set up first)
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    Some questions about Galcticraft 1.8.9

    1st: you'll need to post up the full crash report or log for help with an error 2nd: certainly water -> ice is one of the things in our plans
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    Galacticraft 4 Recipes

    It's kind of assumed that most players will install JEI mod as well as Galacticraft. That will give you the recipes. Anyone can sign up on the wiki to edit it, you could do us a favour and add one of the missing recipes to the wiki?
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    Second crash...

    More-Planets-1.8.9-2.0.6-GC117 GalacticraftCore-1.8.9- Do you see the problem here?
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    Some questions about Galcticraft 1.8.9

    1. and also at places without water! Main reason is that plants growing is vanilla game behaviour which is difficult to change, and changes to vanilla will likely cause compatibility problems with any other mods which affect farming and trees. (Many mods affect farming and trees, think of...
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    Aluminum Wire Transfer Rate

    The wiki was out of date. Now updated with correct info. See also the wiki pages for Heavy Aluminum Wire and Energy which explain things some more.
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    White Sky

    Good job, really nice work figuring it out with the steps to reproduce. I'll try and see if I can get the same to happen, next time I'm at my gaming PC. This could be a bug in Optifine - especially with it happening differently if Minecraft is restarted, we are not doing that. We will look to...