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    Maintenance Free Oxygen Production - SSP

    won't wheat refuse to grow without sunlight? you could get a lot more with just torches, and a cobble ceiling to block out the sun.
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    Energy needs

    How much energy (in gJ) is needed to do the whole water to fuel cycle on mars? I want to use this to peg my energy conversion ratios.
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    Pipedream: Space station dimension working as the Nether

    The problem I see with coordinates over time, is that the minecraft world is absurdly big. Actually hitting the spot you want to hit would be near impossible (though it could be good for going someplace nobody has ever been, or will ever be, for strip mining). I'm gonna take advantage of that...
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    Oxygen fails intermittently?

    Reinstalled all mods, and now it works. I have no idea, unless maybe lag causes it.
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    Oxygen fails intermittently?

    Pulled everything but NEI (which i am helpless without), and it did not happen.
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    Oxygen fails intermittently?

    GalacticraftCore-1.7- Possibly relevant: This is creative mode, switching to survival (which is why I notice, I didn't bother to bring oxygen gear). I was just doing tests on what would/wouldn't seal. Questions from that earlier post: I can't make *any* structure where this doesn't...
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    Oxygen fails intermittently?

    I build a really simple space station (just sealed up the starting one with tin decorative blocks) to tes thte mechanic out. It seals, but the seal constantly fails for a second then reestablishes. I have an infinite oxygen and power supply, so I have no idea why.