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    [Suggestion] Loot Tables for Mobs

    Currently it's impossible to customize loot dropped by mobs as they don't appear to use Minecraft's loot table system. Only the special Dungeon Chests and Crashed Probes appear to be linked to loot tables. So, that's the suggestion. Rev up those loot tables.
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    Config Option to disable thermal protection mechanic

    For the 1.12.2 version. This mechanic becomes kind of annoying if used along with mods such as Tough as Nails, since TAN adds it's own hot/cold mechanics. As such, an option to disable the hot/cold mechanic that Galacticraft has would be very nice to have.
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    Suggestion: Config Array with entities that do not require oxygen

    Basically what the title says. A config option in which you can place entities that do not need to breathe in space. I am aware that an API class exists that other modders can implement, but few modders actually do this. Furthermore, some mod packs might require certain entities to be able...
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    Minecraft comes alive // Space villagers

    Colonization? That could be fun. But... wouldn't it be WAY more efficient to use Oxygen Bubble Distributors or Sealers instead?
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    Wrenches Deal Damage

    I think this the helmet/durability thing might be a bit too much effort for something that's just flavor. Might be easier to it the same stats as a stone axe but infinite durability.
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    Space Stations in Every Planets

    If they were to add new things to existing planets I'd prefer to have new unique structures instead.
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    More config options

    I added another one.
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    Swapping Schematics with Moon Villagers

    Great! Just saying: Asteroid hermits.
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    More config options

    That's a good change, now they are consistent with vanilla difficulty.
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    More config options

    GC has some good config options, but some options for modpack balancing are currently missing. I think the following options could be useful to have implemented at some point in the future. Here's a few pretty handy options I just came up with: D:"GC Mobs Damage Modifier" (default: 1.0)...
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    Swapping Schematics with Moon Villagers

    That's not a bad idea, though sapphires are not terribly useful as it stands. And hail the loafs.
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    Atomic Battery

    Probably inspired by this:
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    Swapping Schematics with Moon Villagers

    That's some nice Alien Villager lore. Would be fun if that finds it's way in-game somehow. Actually, they already have saplings planted in farm plots don't they? Which actually grow somehow. o_O Though using saplings as actual currency might be tricky to balance since they are so common.
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    Atomic Battery

    Ah I haven't found a Venus Dungeon yet, so that explains it. Thanks for the info. :) I guess it makes sense to not have it craftable. Although it's not THAT good. It's really just a very portable solar panel.
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    Atomic Battery

    I spotted an "Atomic Battery" in JEI. (It's NOT the creative battery) It has infinite energy but low output, which seems pretty nice to have. There's no recipe for it though, so do does one obtain it in Survival? Or is it not obtainable yet?