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    Long time no see...
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    1.7 screenshots

    Is your conversation really necessary? EDIT: I mean that horse thingy
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    Cant make items

    It happened mid-stage in my minecraft world. I had not been using any other mods. I guess this is the problem i've seen many times before. ICBM and Mekanism are crated to refuse work with Railcraft or ic2.
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    Looking for 1-2 People, survival, Latest Galacticraft + Extra mods for ease of play

    Ah, ISOMS Keeps trolling the threads. Maybe but i'm in Finland and i don't settle in to as low amount of mods as you do.
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    Add more to inside the rocket

    OH lord you two! Stahp!
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    1.7 screenshots

    Ya, new crapputer! Oh, i thought it was just pre-release.
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    Realism vs Fun... (The Jupiter argument)

    I think if someone says anything about the Jupi.... He gets banned. Simpele as dat.
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    Cant make items

    Hm...There's no update for it yet : P
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    Galacticraft Incompatible with ICBM?

    I know -_-... Thats why i used the name of the file. ICBM_Explosion ICBM_Contraption ICBM_Sentry
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    Mars sky and atmosphere

    Program* And yes it is!
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    Add more to inside the rocket

    What the...When did those come?!?!
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    Cant make items

    Ya right i would have never gone forward with any of the mods without NEI. Sadly, Nei has severe bug causing items this: Whenever you click item, it wont drag, you need to keep the click on and drag, you can't interact with NEI, you can't Shift drag items, you can't sort them, you can't do...
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    My experiences on mars

    Is there a way to unfollow a thread?
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    Why to add Jupiter and black holes

    Duude? It's not "realism"... It's just poor flying at Jupiter. What's the fun? Floating castles inside it... Wow...