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    Disabling items & blocks in config

    If you mean at Multiplayer (on a server) You can use a plugin to Ban/Disable items and blocks and rockets! But if you disabled one of the blocks, the GC2 / GC3 Wont really be GC!
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    There is a random chance a meteor will strike to earth! (actually in real life -.-) I want to be the meteor to be like a normal meteor strikes, but we need to mine the meteor (the same as The moon meteor at GC2) And you need it for the recipies of the Tier 1 Rocket! Fex, Heavy duty plating! (If...
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    Ambient oxygen indicator on the HUD

    Support, plus to this: Support!
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    Rovers Suggestions: Better driving and better physics

    1# Awsome! 2# Awsome! 3# Awsome! EVERYTHING IS AWSOME!!!
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    Galactic Guide Book!

    Got a new idea! Im adding a New idea to the list ;)!
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    Galactic Guide Book!

    That will be cool!
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    Galactic Guide Book!

    Storyline, i mean by how they started and how they did. Second: Your Text is Readeble
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    Creative Support for SpaceStation & Other stuff!

    First, Are you realllly wanna type that instead of pressing 1 Button?? For Noobs it complicated to know that commands fex Servers. Some of them have ALOT of commands allowed for newbies. Theyve Reached the moon Got a spacestation. They dont know about the command. They dont wanna search how to...
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    Galactic Guide Book!

    No i bringed it from Tinkers Constuct, It gave me an Idea! Also a few other mods fex. OpenBlocks beacuse it gave an Update Book! A Story Added To the Q&A Line
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    Galactic Guide Book!

    I got an Idea about a book that can help newbies! I got this suggestion from the Tinkers Construct Mod when they spawn with a book when they make a new World! Q&A: Q: How do i get the Book? A: You get the book when you spawn in a new world. Q: I checked the book! ITS HORROBLE!!! IT HAS ONLY 5...
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    OmG, I am SO exited! HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?!?! IM FREAKING OUT! Calm Down... Calm down... calm...

    OmG, I am SO exited! HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?!?! IM FREAKING OUT! Calm Down... Calm down... calm down. There!
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    Auto Lander for Players that crashes when lands on moon/mars!

    ALWAYS when im trying to enter the moon, the moon lander is crashed when is loaded! Then i got a suggestion! Add a thing next eks. chest slots in the NASA workbench, you add a called Auto Lander Crafted by: Diamond = D Landing Platform = L Full Fuel Tank = F Workbench: D F D L L L D F D...
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    Creative Support for SpaceStation & Other stuff!

    Thats A Great Idea!!!