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    The basic Idea and the Satellite and anti-satellite missile(ICBM API)

    Bravo great idea! All for it!
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    Can't Get the cargo rocket to go to different planets

    I tried and it said invalid frequency but when I put the landing place on the same planet it worked and micdoodle said it can travel to different planets/moons please help. Thx for reading! :D
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    Add more to inside the rocket

    When you click the rocket and when you get in it will look like something built and there will be blocks like chests Compressors or you could place blocks
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    GALACTICRAFT 2 is coming with many new features like different rockets, space food and much more!
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    Add more to inside the rocket

    Yup it would!
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    Add more to inside the rocket

    You should be able to move and have chests in the rocket And more realistic to a real rocket (inside). I know this is a lot to ask but if this happens this mod will be the best thing ever.Thx for reading! :)
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    Mars, Mars, MARS

    What is coming to mars? anyone know? all I know is that mars USED to be different and had creeper holes and mob swarms and stuff like that is that canceled are they going to add it back?
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    How Do you install this on a server!

    Does anyone know how to install galacticraft please help is there a special download for it? Thanks for reading :)
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    How do you install the mod?

    Ok thanks I had the old 1.6.2 version of forge thats why it did not work but it works now so thanks :)
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    I am in a Minecraft Mood!

    I am in a Minecraft Mood!
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    How do you install the mod?

    It doesn't work with forge I don't know what I have to use. Does it use forge,does it need a launcher or something else please tell me. Thanks for reading :)