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    Dowload Link

    1) The download link isn't broken: 2) is the jenkins page, and it's where dev builds are built, and where you can get a direct link to the latest build.
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    Proportioned Rockets

    Since flashman kindly locked this, I'll just leave one last word. Cry abuse all you want, but I won't deal with you thinking you can get away with anything. When I say something stops, it stops. I've been moderating forums for years, and people like you are what make my life difficult. You...
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    what means red builds

    If you didn't notice, the downloads page also shows builds, flash.... Just because it's on a different page doesn't mean it's magically a different thing.
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    Crash Report: Wrench on Oxygen Collector

    Okay, ready? Go here and register. Then go here: put "Crash Report: Wrench on Oxygen Collector" in the box below The question in one sentence Category: Open More information for the question: everything in your post Okay?
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    what means red builds

    I think he meant on the download page, not on the jenkins.. on , if it's red it's broken On , red means it's a development build, which is the least stable type of build shown on that page. It's a...
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    Allies mobs < Learn java and code an addon, if it's important to you. Mic's trying for a more realistic portrayal of the solar system (without made up planets/mobs, etc.)
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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Forum is back up!

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd announce this. This forum is back up and operational (as you can see) and is running a completely legal, paid, version of xenforo now! Sorry about the extended downtime, but there were a few kinks that had to be worked out. Also, I'm taking any reasonable...
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    Current Update?

    I agree, he did deserve the new site. I'm working on a jenkins system to promote builds so people know which ones are good, and also a way to automatically add them to the website when they're promoted. I hope to have it up later today, as I have a lot of free time at the moment. If it's not...
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    Want to translate GalactiCraft? Check this out (old thread)

    Added. You can get the dev with it from It's in #23 and up.
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    time travel

    This sounds like an idea for an addon/separate mod to me.
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    An Exploreable Space Enviroment

    ^ Some suggestions are good, but just aren't worth the resources it takes to implement them. The mod has to run on almost any computer, or it wouldn't be worth developing. You could do a lot of things, but most computers just couldn't handle them.
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    overlapping oxygen bubbles should merge

    not a bad suggestion, but mainly a graphical thing. not worth the effort for micdoodle ATM, to be honest. Maybe later on when he's smoothing the mod out instead of focusing on new features.
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    Want to translate GalactiCraft? Check this out (old thread)

    I know, I'm just saying. If you watch the build there, it would allow you to keep your post more up to date, though remember most of those are dev builds, so put "Next release" next to them or something.
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    Hey, got a question!

    I'm assuming it's just there for now, and can't be leveled up yet, until the other planets are added. Just my guess.
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    a simple change

    This. Maybe there could be an option somewhere to turn it off, but it's not a bug deal.