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    Resource Pack Aeon Extension Patch & Aeon Resource Pack (with Galacticraft support)

    on the video it looks like you terraformed it in a way
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    flans ship goes to orbit

    i dont think you can i went to Y 2000+ and it never showed me the map so i stopped trying
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    flans ship goes to orbit

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    Just Spawned Asteroid Amazingness

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    Cosmic Completion: A possible roadmap and my own ideas

    it could drop a piece of a stargate and you have to travel to other solar systems to get the other pieces to go to another galaxy...
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    Add the Starminer mod to Galacticraft

    i love that mod and all but one word... cool skin
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    Bubble Ideas

    ok i have two ideas 1#it would be cool if you can make bubbles bigger by putting them together (eg 2 by 2 would make it twice as bit and would change the texture to make it look like the block just became a bigger block but that would look weird... (same goes for the terraformer and the...
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    Animal oxygen mask!

    umm this is kind of the the same subject but instead of animals its all mobs... well you need all kind of stuff for the player to breath well I've tried to put that stuff on mobs (humans) from minecraft comes to life, ancient warfare and custom npcs... but there was no way so im asking for a...
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    Galacticraft 3 Mob: Worm

    when i was looking at post i saw this and i thought the tital cut off so i clicked to see what it was about an actual worm and then i combined it with what i thought the tital was worm + worm hole and i got this idea what if your worm could just be like your worm but (like the ender man) can...
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    Worm Hole with new Earth

    gg;) good idea it would be so cool to go into a worm hole mayby tier 4 will come with lazer guns so you can shoot debre out of the way
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    Cosmic Completion: A possible roadmap and my own ideas

    i was reading this and AMAZING btw well... you said that the tier 3 rocket would be last but i thought it would be the last... but for that solar system maybe when you defeat the eris's boss (or maybe somewhere in pluto you will get a tier 4 that will allow travel to a different solar system...
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    flashman's Suggestion Thread

    i was reading this (good idea btw) and when i got to number 5 you said maneuver your rocket and it made me think about a game called spore (its a game about evolution and evolving in stuff) and when you get to the space stage where your creature learns space travel and is REALLY LONG so most...