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  1. PowerPistons

    The Outer Solar System

    Let’s face it: The planets in galacticraft are pretty generic, and there really isn’t too much depth or purpose for exploring them. I have a couple suggestions for making the outer planets and moons less boring when they’re added. Don’t make the map infinite. This would allow for unique...
  2. PowerPistons

    ISRU Metal from Asteroid Rock

    The Problem: Most good Sci-Fi bases and stations are made of metal, and you know what takes a long time to get in high quantities? Metal. The Solution: To add more purpose to asteroid bases, make a late game machine similar to the compressor and refinery, that converts an ungodly amount of...
  3. PowerPistons

    Space Station Tips?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum but have been using the mod for several years. I was trying out the spin thrusters for the first time and I'm wondering what is the most effective way to use them is. I built a small spin station and i just keep getting thrown around in it. How should I build my station...