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  1. Ezer'Arch

    How to make NPCs breathe in Space (answer inside)

    Probably you saw this video of mine where a NPC rides a MMU/jetpack and is not suffocating. (sorry for my sloppy English) This is how I did that: 0) Back up your world. 1) Install NBTEdit mod. 2) Use the command /nbtedit on a NPC 3) Disable "damag"e or enable "invincibility" (you have to...
  2. Ezer'Arch

    Communication dish, probes and exploration rovers

    Just a few ideas. Say, we have a dangerous planet or moon where it's hard to land, such as Jupiter's Io ( You send a probe to find a spot safe to land. Via communication dish and perhaps artificial satellites, the probe will send pictures back so you...
  3. Ezer'Arch

    Request your content creator badge

    Hey :) If you are an addon, resource pack, spin-off developer/creator, I would like to give you a badge that identifies you as so. The badge will look like mine, "Staff member", except it will be yellow and get your content name, such as "Addon dev: Better Planets" or so. Conditions you have...
  4. Ezer'Arch

    ⚠ Important Galacticraft WorldGen Facelift

    Link: Then in the following days, I found a few people codding new stuff for Galacticraft on the GC Discord Server, specially new worldgen features. How convenient! So I'd like to propose a modest plan to tweak our current world generation to: add more scenic/environment content; address...
  5. Ezer'Arch

    ArchWorld: video series in Portuguese and English

    If you speak Portuguese or read English, I'm starting a video series starting on Minecraft 1.7.10 and ending on 1.12 (maybe further). 1st video: Just created a new world from scratch to demonstrate some things with mods in, say, semi-survival mode. It may include tutorials and mod reviews in...
  6. Ezer'Arch


    @micdoodle8, nov 3, 2012: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GALACTICRAFT!!!! 7 YEARS BLASTING OFF! As a symbolic gift, I've restored an old Mars release video that was bugged (YouTube didn't let me fix it as it passed 100K). In August or September...
  7. Ezer'Arch

    What would happen if humans tried to land on Jupiter

    I have crushing news about your dreams of landing on Jupiter.
  8. Ezer'Arch

    Standing on Martian Moons Phobos and Deimos [Video]

    By Dreksler Astral:
  9. Ezer'Arch

    ⚠ Important Never use other people's content without permission (and what to do if that happens)

    A rule of thumb regarding the use of other people's content: Never use other people's content without permission. What we mean by content: source code, textures, models... the actual thing. Ideas are not content. If you use other people's ideas, please be courteous and give credit. While this...
  10. Ezer'Arch

    Walk through the International Space Station

    I've just posted this on my Twitter page: Google released a Street View of the International Space Station, with guides and mouseover tooltips. Details:
  11. Ezer'Arch

    PROMO VIDEO: Galacticraft 4 - Next stop: VENUS (fly-over)

    PROMO VIDEO: Galacticraft 4 - Next stop: VENUS (fly-over) The wait for Galacticraft 4 release is over. Venus is here. This is a fly-over showing the terrain and a bit of the dungeon. Galacticraft 4 first official release is out. It features a bunch of new ores, mobs, items and a new...
  12. Ezer'Arch

    Life Support HUD changes

    (Totally cosmetic change) (an example of Life Support HUD - on the upper-right corner) Current: The Life Support HUD is dimension-dependent. It is always shown if you are in any GC dimension, even if you are not using the Breathing Equipment in an air-filled room. I'm not sure if it's shown...
  13. Ezer'Arch

    Grapple changes (string and auto-release)

    I propose the following changes for the grapple: 1) String consumption: String no longer consumed at every missed shot/throw, nor will it be necessary for the 1st throw. It's not like the line is lost but you can still retrieve the hook when you miss a throw (???). BTW, the string is part of...
  14. Ezer'Arch

    Item drops in zero gravity

    Just an eye-candy or why-not feature... unless I find something useful for it (floating sculptures?) Drops somewhat follow the entities' gravity acceleration in every dimension, except in the space stations. Drops pretty much fall like in the Moon dimension while entities are in "zero gravity"...
  15. Ezer'Arch

    Content Pack Dynamic Surroundings config files for Galacticraft

    Dynamic Surroundings config files for Galacticraft 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 This pack is for Galacticraft players who use Dynamic Surroundings mod and don't want to hear winds, rocks crumbling and other out-of-place sound effects in space anymore. There will be no ambient sound in the airless...
  16. Ezer'Arch

    Come watch: Atlas 5 launch LIVESTREAM

    It's happening now. Launch in a few minutes. EDIT: It's over. :)
  17. Ezer'Arch

    Content Pack Ezer'Arch's Extras: Astronaut suit, NASA jetpack, Satellite and more

    Ezer'Arch's Content Packs Galacticraft-themed content available for download to be used along with mods compatible with Galacticraft: vehicles, armors, alternative textures, etc. ______________________________________________________ Armourer's Workshop skin: Astronaut suit accessories...
  18. Ezer'Arch

    Minecraft 1.9 and snapshots

    Has anyone here tried 1.9 and/or 15w31a snapshot? Features: The main feature: The End got some kind of a subdimension.
  19. Ezer'Arch

    Airless dimensions should use the space station Sun graphic

    Totally aesthetics. The space station dimension uses the white Sun graphic (\assets\galacticraftcore\textures\gui\planets\orbitalsun.png), instead of the yellowish Sun from vanilla Minecraft. I think this makes sense, since space station dimension is airless and there's no atmosphere to...
  20. Ezer'Arch

    How to remove lost Astro Miners from the world?

    Errmmm, after this shame... ... I cannot use the Astro Miner anymore. The mod keeps yelling at me "There would be one Astro Miner, too many!". How do I remove the loose astro miner wherever it may be. I tried MCEdit with no success. :<