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    Some machines interfaces

    I noticed that, when you enter the interface of the energy storage machines and the magnetic crafting, it doesn't appear as the others. When you open any interface, the surroundings go darker to ease focus on that interface. But that doesn't happen at this interfaces. Besides this, the items...
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    The sticky desh pickaxe mystery

    Oh god, please give a hint, I'm literally desperate with this. For the moment I understand: It has to be a desh pickaxe, enchanted with silk touch. I have to do something related with slime, I understand it could be slimes or slimelings. I tested punching slimes with the pickaxe, punching...
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    Fuel exploit with bucket mechanics

    Thank you very much, I'm sorry for not notice it. Great work BTW, this mod is awesome!
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    Fuel exploit with bucket mechanics

    When I put a bucket in the output slot of any liquid container, it fills no matter if there was less than 1000 mB. This can be heavily exploited for exaple having infinite fuel from my rocket trips. I think we shouldn't fill a bucket if there's less than 1000 mB in the container. I can literally...