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  1. xdxder

    Parachests in Spacestation ...

    It would be cool if you could set the spawnpoint of the parachest. Maybe with a block? So you could make better Spacestations and so on... :D Sorry for my bad English :D
  2. xdxder

    SPC and Forge...?

    Hi @ all. Is there a way to use SPC(Single Player Commands) with forge??
  3. xdxder

    Dual Basic Components (If you have NEI)

    Minecraft Version = 1.6.2 Forge Version = Galacticraft Version = Detailed Description = If i have NEI, minecraft say there is a duplicate of Basic Components... -> Full Forge Log =
  4. xdxder

    My WIP Space Station...

    This is my WIP Space Station The Space Station is sealed with oxygen. new screenshots coming soon...
  5. xdxder

    Forum Style...

    ...this isn't normal.............(i'm not very good in english...)
  6. xdxder

    Buildcraft for 1.6.2?

    Hello, a quick question: Is the Buildcraft mod updated to minecraft 1.6.2? I'm not really good in english , but i hope you can understand me :D .
  7. xdxder

    Helium - 3 on the Moon

    The real Moon have Helium - 3. Why not the Minecraft Moon. Maybe it's for a new Power Generator. Sorry but I'm not very good in English :D
  8. xdxder is down is down. Please fix it. Sorry, I'm not good in English...