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  1. CJayster

    Inside Your Rockets

    Im not very good at explaining things so yeah. Someone may have had this idea in the previous suggestions but i dont have the time to go through all of them just to make sure so here it goes The title kinda explains it all. After launching into space on your rocket successfuly you will spawn in...
  2. CJayster

    How To Add Some Planets

    All Credit Goes To Matt For Making It And The Video
  3. CJayster

    Be Patient

    I know you guys are wondering why havnt planets come out yet why are they taking so long? Well cause micdoodle is working on other features on the moon and other items. You just got to be patient and go along with it. I know its hard waiting for months but still its gonna be worth it. But for...
  4. CJayster

    Need help making a galacticraft server

    I got minecraft forge and playerAPI but all i need is the mod of galacticraft so i can put it in can someone put a link for it in the comments please?
  5. CJayster

    When are new planets coming out?

    I know that the developer is working on some other feautures and all that but im just asking if you guys know when planets are coming out or just a estimated day or just a guess. Thank you for your time (great mod btw)