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  1. Dwight

    How do you use the command TP for another dimension?

    Title says it How can I use the TP command to teleport someone in the asteroid dimension?
  2. Dwight

    A big thank you

    My play group is done testing Mods on my private server they are ready for the primary game I wanted to give a thank you to folks on this forum for your advice and assistance. Rad talked me into trying Mekanisum... they loved it Rad and others also talked me into taking a second look at NEI...
  3. Dwight

    Glacticraft 4 plan question

    Simple question is the intent to make Glacticraft 4 for Minecraft 1.8.2 ( or whatever )? The reason I am asking is that it seems Lex is making solid progress on Forge, I am planning a more permanent server hosted off of my personal machine in the not so distant future. Right now we are having a...
  4. Dwight

    Glacticraft + Mekanisum any tips?

    Setting up a server, testing before I go live to my team with.... could use a little help Is there a way to make Glacticraft Aluminum compatible with Mekanisum machines? Or am I pipe dreaming here? Tin and Copper seem to be compatable and interchangable even though they have different ID's...
  5. Dwight


    Before we totally give up on the idea of acquiring titanium, are there any tips? we don't know how it spawns we don't know what it looks like we are in the asteroids... looking everywhere is it those black asteroids floating by? any tips would be appreciated Glacticraft 3 Build 222 wits...
  6. Dwight

    Launch Controler Help

    I don’t think this is a bug report, I think this is an "I don’t understand" report, looking for help or information. All this time my group has not been using launch controllers, we just started last night. Worked great for me, and a fun new way to land... I love it Launching many times between...
  7. Dwight

    Asteroid question

    The asteroids are not anything at all like I expected There is gravity, not toward an asteroid.. but straight down.. .into nothingness, Im scared to death to step off the tiny asteroid I landed on, I could fall forever. There is little control like there is in the space station… not what I...
  8. Dwight

    Minor Ship inventory bug

    When shift right clicking stacks of items to load into your ships inventory, it only works for about half the inventory, after the ship is half full, it stops working Very minor issue, but I thought I would report it anyway It had been true for many builds, but we are currently on Glacticraft...
  9. Dwight

    Loss of spaceship

    I have had 2 players report the loss of their spaceship on the Overworld, it was there on the launch pad, and later they came back and it was gone. They have reported this has happened in builds 201, and 205 On one occasion after the a reboot of the server, the ship re-appeared ( with all cargo...
  10. Dwight

    MOD sugguestions

    So I am running basically what we think of as a test server until Forge ( has to happen first ) and Glacticraft catch up to Minecraft 1.8, we assume it will be many months from now. The only other mod we are using is the craft guide ( yes we know about NEI but prefer Craft Guide ) so.... We...