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  1. RonFall

    Development Energy loss

    In Galacticraft machines such as a compressor or an electric furnace after charging is a loss of energy. Is there a way to resolve this loss?
  2. RonFall

    Development Add new solar system[Code]

    Good night. Ask to help to understand with the addition of its solar system. I enter the following code: public static SolarSystem Kepler62; @EventHandler public void Init(FMLInitializationEvent FinchEvent) { Kepler62 = new SolarSystem("Kepler62"...
  3. RonFall

    Addon Vacuum Horizon [GC3]

    Description: Addon Vacuum Horizon adds to the universe Galacticraft many celestial bodies, weapons, tools, mechanisms, blocks, flora and fauna (in future). Try it in game. Required build: Galacticraft, GalacticraftPlanets, MicdoodleCore Download: VacuumHorizon[AV-0.6]
  4. RonFall

    Using block with metadata on surface biome

    I need specify block in my biome. I do it with the help of this code. public byte topBlockMeta; public byte fillerBlockMeta; And registers it in his biome. public class PlutoBiomeGenFlat extends PlutoBiomeGenBase { public PlutoBiomeGenFlat(int par1) { super(par1)...