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  1. CT [Squared]

    ⚠ Important Galacticraft WorldGen Facelift

    That sounds like a cool idea, though in that case players would probably have to supply the machines themselves. It would be a bit too overpowered to be able to find machines already in moon villages, as they can easily be scrapped for metal or used by the player with little to no effort.
  2. CT [Squared]

    Collectors not outputting

    Is the other end of the pipe connected to something? If the pipes are coming out of the O2 collectors and have nowhere to go, then the collectors will simply fill up with gas, and you might not see any O2 in the pipes. If it is connected to a machine, make sure it is going into the input...
  3. CT [Squared]

    Hydraulic platform shoots off into space

    I recorded some footage of this bug in action. Here's to hoping it gets resolved! Hope this helps. Video
  4. CT [Squared]

    Hydraulic platform shoots off into space

    I have had this happen to myself, too. If anyone needs it, I can try to replicate this bug and provide a video of it happening to show exactly what's going on.
  5. CT [Squared]

    Galacticraft for 1.16.4+

    @SetaCraft My guy, a bit of research will show that micdoodle8 has teased an upcoming 1.15.2+ build on his Twitter page. Link
  6. CT [Squared]

    Solar Array Modules should be buffed, and here's why:

    So I did the math. (tl;dr at the bottom) The Problem Simply put, the new solar panels you can obtain from getting solar ore on Venus, the Solar Array Modules (SAMs), are extremely underpowered for their cost. Using solar array modules instead of Advanced Solar Panels (ASPs) you will be spending...
  7. CT [Squared]

    Marker on Planet Selection Screen

    Just a small suggestion to make the planet selection screen/celestial catalog a bit more visually pleasing. I don't think this has been suggested yet, but I think a good addition would be to add a map marker to the celestial catalog, showing where the player or members of their space race team...