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  1. mimi4460

    How far is it to Mars ?

    The answer on this website... AWESOME ! :D
  2. mimi4460

    When the space station for the other planets ?

    Why not a space station orbiting the Moon ? and later on Mars... Although the Moon and the Earth are not very far , it's always fun , a space station around the Moon. I hope to see soon add. :p
  3. mimi4460

    First picture Mercury

  4. mimi4460

    I'm working on Pluto for Galacticraft 1.4.7, I search volunteers for help

    I search volunteers for my futur add on, Pluto for Galacticraft 1.4.7 and may be updated to 1.6.2 later. Then I would make maybe its satellite Charon Any help is welcome ! ;) TEAM : GalacticarftGamer (mattparks) : Coding, Pluto graphics, Music. Minecraft_Modder : Coding. Flashy-2 : Charon...
  5. mimi4460

    Galacticraft with planets

    Galacticraft version 1.4.7 Make improvements on the sun, it is smaller because Mars is farther away than Earth... I hope that improvements will be made to 1.6.2 More images soon... :D
  6. mimi4460

    Bow bug...

    There is a bug with the bow on the Moon, Thank you to resolve it as soon as possible.
  7. mimi4460

    A date for the other planets ?

    You have a specific date, there are still a lot of work ? :)