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  1. Vigilantecow

    All of my GC bases

    Hi! Over the past 4 weeks, I've been working on a new world I started with galacticraft and some other mods. I started using the WorldPainter tool for minecraft, so a lot of the terrain you see (even on the moon) is custom. Anyway..... in the end i think it came out pretty well, so heres a list...
  2. Vigilantecow

    Launch Controller

    I assume that hopefully most of the Launch controller bugs will be fixed in the next update, because at the moment I find that it almost never works correctly. Here I will share a few buggy experiences I've had with them, and I'd be happy if you could post any you have so that Mic and Rad can...
  3. Vigilantecow

    Observations and thanks about Oxygen Sealers

    I just hopped onto a tekkit server with the latest patch of GC, and noticed something very cool when I made myself a cozy little Mars base... Oxygen sealers are fixed! I'm sure there are some minor bugs someone could find, but i tested out sealing a larger area with about 5 sealers and it...
  4. Vigilantecow

    Quick compatibility suggestion

    Just a quick thing here, won't go too in-depth.. The other day I was trying to pulverize some Aluminium in a Thermal Expansion pulverizer, and noticed it was one of the only GC ores that didn't work. Mic can quickly fix this by adding some Aluminium dust (Could just look like a lighter-shaded...
  5. Vigilantecow

    Rovers Suggestions: Better driving and better physics

    Suggestion #1 I think a way that might make the whole climbing buggies graphical poop a little better is to tilt the buggies when they go up a block. For obvious reasons, it would still look bad, but it may make it look slightly better when driving, and it would be easier to code than some other...
  6. Vigilantecow

    Suffocating Spider Jockeys

    On the moon, regular skeletons sometimes spawn on the back of evolved spiders... causing the skeletons to derpily suffocate. (insert picture here but im too lazy) Anyway, I'd like to see this fixed. Just putting it out there :P
  7. Vigilantecow

    Oxygen sealer improvement suggestion

    Just a little improvement I thought of that would make sense. What if instead of having to place 3 oxygen sealers and power all of them, you could just place one? Their would be some sort of ratio, depending on how much oxygen the sealer is taking (and their would have to be some sort of...
  8. Vigilantecow

    Lets make new people not crash!

    This has probably happened to some of you at one time or another (Probably the first time you went there), crashing into the moon. For some people who are new, the short amount of time given to slow down is hard to read all of that text, and I have seen multiple let's plays featuring...
  9. Vigilantecow

    *near* Weightlessness

    I'm fairly certain, in one thread or another, the topic of weightlessness in space has come up. Unfortunately, not having 1 certain point to stand on in Minecraft.. well.. isn't really possible to code (as far as I know) and would be extremely frustrating in survival. Having tethers, as has been...
  10. Vigilantecow

    Interminecraftial GEO Space Rig

    Welcome, space cadet, aboard the IGSR, better known as the Interminecraftial Geostationary Space Rig. This is a (somewhat) realistic space station I've been working on, that is (somewhat) inspired by the ISS. It consists of multiple parts: THE CONNECTING MODULE The connecting module is self...
  11. Vigilantecow

    A thing I noticed because I notice things.

    Hey micdoodle! On your website it still says: Modding at it's best, in the year 2010 2013. It's not the 2013, silly :P Also, happy late new year!
  12. Vigilantecow

    Crash... and yes, I know, wrong section.

    Before I say anything I'd just like to say I'm sorry for posting this here but it said I had insufficient privaleges to post in the bugs forum. Anyway, after successfully installing galacticraft I was able to start playing on a creative world in which I spawned in items. Unfortunately, when I...