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  1. David Aronson

    Mathematically Accurate Gravity for each Planet

    Greetings, As you all know, Gravity is the force pushing an object down. Each Planet has it's own gravity. Now it's come to my attention that the gravity for the Moons/Planets of GC may not be mathematically accurate. First we need a base Gravity. I will be measuring gravity using...
  2. David Aronson

    Farming Ideas

    Recently I read that Mars Soil can be feritilzed to grow Earth-based plants. I was thinking, why not make a Fertilzing Machine? But the real question is, Why? Martian Soil Fertilization is a better idea than taking loads of Grass from Earth Less Resource-Intensive compres to...
  3. David Aronson

    GC-Minechem Collaboration

    Greetings, I know not all of you are familiar with MineChem, to which I suggest you read about before this post, as it will make more sense if you do. But if you already know, here's the idea Why not make certain GC Blocks useful in MineChem? It adds more of an incentive to dig for certain...
  4. David Aronson

    Meteor-Proof Blocks

    Don't you hate it when you're inside you're Moon Base, and then suddenly a Meteor crashes into it, and you start losing oxygen? Well here's a solution for that! Well rather a few solutions.... Meteor Proof Blocks: Probably the most popular of all ideas, these blocks can take hits from...
  5. David Aronson

    Artificial Planets

    Humanity has thought of many interesting ideas on how to colonize the final frontier. One of those ideas includes creating an Artificial Planet, or a spherical Space Station if you like to be technical. For some examples of an Artificial Planet: - Cybertron from Transformers - Genesis Planet...
  6. David Aronson

    New forms of Energy (Brainstorm Thread)

    Some of my ideas: Wireless Energy: Using Solar Panels on a Space Station(or other planets) and transferring the Energy to a Storage on Earth. The Quantum Flux Mod explores this idea. Also google the concept quantum entanglement. Any other ideas?
  7. David Aronson


    Anyone who's watched Star Trek knows what the Phaser is. For a quick explanation if you don't It's a space gun with an adjustable particle frequency which would effect it's impact. For a better explanation, see it in the Star Trek wiki But why would we want the Phaser? It's nice for the...
  8. David Aronson

    Using Planet blocks as resources

    I know this might annoy some people, but I think it would be nice to add some research-based aspects to GC. For example, maybe more freedom in changing chemicals? - Mars has a lot of CO2. Why not split it in half and have Oxygen? Also data-collecting for planets - An advanced map you can use...
  9. David Aronson


    Usually we associate colonizing a planet with Terra-forming, but today I'd like to discuss a different approach, BioForming. BioForming is changing the human structure to support other environments. This is often done through Cybernetics Genetic Engineering Nano Tech I'd like to discuss how...
  10. David Aronson

    Venus Addition - Baloon Colonies

    " Why not Venus? Venus is one of the most inhospitable places to life in the Solar System, with an insanely hot surface temperature of 462 °C, atmospheric pressure 92 times that on Earth, a poisonous atmosphere, and sulphuric acid rain. You do not want to go there. Actually I do want to go...
  11. David Aronson

    Implements to Moon

    I recently watched a video, in which a heard a series of things about the Moon: You can get more sunlight the higher up you are(Solar Power) You can build taller Towers If you shield a Moon Base with Lunar Regolith, it is less damaged by Meteors What I'm saying is, that with these ideas, I...
  12. David Aronson

    Galacticraft Moon Base (Download Included)

    Hello, this is a Moon Base I recently made on the Galacticraft Moon. I used the following mods in this Base: Download (Get GC, Mekansim, and Furniture Mod also) -Galacticraft: The most Critcal Mod on this list, as without it, you are unable to even get to the Moon in the first place, let...