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    My galacticraft inventory wont open, I cant fuel my rocket ships, and above all, when i placed tin, THIS HAPPENED! I was using no mods save this one, Render api, forge, and Basic Components. HELP ME PLEASE! Minecraft has crashed! ---------------------- Minecraft has...
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    Problem, not crash.

    Whenever I try to open the Galacticraft inventory, it just wont open. I tried switching the button, didn't work. I tried switching gamemodes, didn't work. And since its not a crash, I dont know how to report it.
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    Could you make so worlds aren't limitless, so you'll have to think twice before burning anything, but make a core, full of lava and "impure iron blocks" which you would have to purify to use, and in the depths of the different worlds you would find huge underground worlds and new ores and stuff...
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    More Realistic Galaxies

    This is Minecraft, not necessarily earth, and so i think instead of planets in the solar system, it should be planets in the Minecraftia system.