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  1. MrNaxeros

    Want to translate GalactiCraft? Check this out!

    So... I tried that Github but when I'm browsing files through that fork they are outdated. Part of my .lang file is not translated and there is nothing about new items. Any ideas? EDIT: I just realized that I missed few lines. What does these mean?
  2. MrNaxeros

    Want to translate GalactiCraft? Check this out!

    I have done it! Everything is translated, all 4 files in UTF-8. I would do this much faster but lazyness wanted me to play more games :/ Here is the link:
  3. MrNaxeros

    Want to translate GalactiCraft? Check this out!

    I finished translating Core file into Polish. I couldn't commit changes so I decided to copy-paste it to one of my text editors. Accidentaly i pressed ctrl+v instead ctrl+c and my work was gone. There was no undo option... That Github is really annoying. Anyway since I very like your mod I'll...
  4. MrNaxeros

    UNIVERSE-CRAFT | Galacticraft Server | Whitelist | PVP |

    Minecraft Username: MrNaxeros Age: 17 Country: Poland, please forgive my mistakes in English. Do you swear a lot?: Even if it would happen I would censor it with *. Also not much. Have you ever griefed?: I was playing only on my own server so yeah... I didn't btw. I'm friendly guy. Are you...
  5. MrNaxeros

    Cant Download Someone Please Help

    I signed up just to ask you to upload it somewhere else. I'm European, have 17Mb internet from Netia, I didn't have any downloading problems, my router is like 2 meters from my laptop and PC. I have the same problem as crumfret and I really want this mod.