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  1. Ezer'Arch

    ⚠ Important Galacticraft WorldGen Facelift

    I wouldn't add expensive machines in a moon village. Maybe magnetic tables, electric furnaces, chests with a few items, machine casings.
  2. Ezer'Arch

    ⚠ Important Galacticraft WorldGen Facelift

    "The Team Galacticraft is looking for talented Artists and Builders! An Artist must be able to remaster old Galacticraft textures and create new ones. A Builder must be able to create new structures for the moon."
  3. Ezer'Arch

    Is this mod dead and is there anything i can do to help if not?

    The mod is not dead. The forum is barely used for discussions. We have two ports of GC in progress for anyone to follow or contribute with development: Main GC for 1.14 and 1.15: GC:Rewoven for 1.16...
  4. Ezer'Arch

    Spin Thrusters?

    Hello, :) 1.In fact they don't rotate the building. They rotate both the sky and you around the center point of the station. You need to place some thrusters (the more, the faster) on the extremities of the building in other to make it "rotate". If the player is not standing on a solid block...
  5. Ezer'Arch

    How to make NPCs breathe in Space (answer inside)

    Probably you saw this video of mine where a NPC rides a MMU/jetpack and is not suffocating. (sorry for my sloppy English) This is how I did that: 0) Back up your world. 1) Install NBTEdit mod. 2) Use the command /nbtedit on a NPC 3) Disable "damag"e or enable "invincibility" (you have to...
  6. Ezer'Arch

    Communication dish, probes and exploration rovers

    Just a few ideas. Say, we have a dangerous planet or moon where it's hard to land, such as Jupiter's Io ( You send a probe to find a spot safe to land. Via communication dish and perhaps artificial satellites, the probe will send pictures back so you...
  7. Ezer'Arch

    Does GC Need More Coders?

    Yes, I see it's about MC development, the thing is, the purpose, such as, development showcase, asking for help or support, recruiting developers (as in, we post there we're looking for devs) etc... not like I post there and get banned for spamming. XD
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    Does GC Need More Coders?

    What's the purpose of this disc channel?
  9. Ezer'Arch

    Does GC Need More Coders?

    Yes, please. Help is always welcome. I could help get in touch with Mic and Radfast. :)
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    Request your content creator badge

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    How many Galacticraft addons exist for 1.7.10

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    Request your content creator badge

  13. Ezer'Arch

    Request your content creator badge

    Done. Some tweaks: the badges follow the same color scheme in Addons forum: Green for addon Light green for modpack Blue for resource pack Yellow for Galacticraft developer (let me check it latter) Orange for...
  14. Ezer'Arch

    Request your content creator badge

    Hey :) If you are an addon, resource pack, spin-off developer/creator, I would like to give you a badge that identifies you as so. The badge will look like mine, "Staff member", except it will be yellow and get your content name, such as "Addon dev: Better Planets" or so. Conditions you have...
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    ArchWorld: video series in Portuguese and English

    ArchWorld 07 - Today we go to the Nether Minecraft - Reverberation paradise in The Nether (Dynamic Surroundings + Sound Filters) Screenshots of the 3rd base expansion: The next video will be a world tour and will be in English.
  16. Ezer'Arch

    Lower space station tp Y level.

    I think letting players get too close to the void is a bad idea, as mods may not behave well below y=0. Also players tend to build upward, not downward. Although I'm not much fan of this idea at all, what if the SS were generated at Y=128 since the building limit is 256? Other options could...
  17. Ezer'Arch

    ArchWorld: video series in Portuguese and English

    ArchWorld 05 - Factory and Headquarters ArchWorld 06 - Egg Baby Zombie is on the block!
  18. Ezer'Arch

    How can i see id's

    Hi, Press together F3 and H keys.
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    Want to translate GalactiCraft? Check this out!

    They are here:
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    Port To Minetest

    Minetest is to Minecraft as Linux is to Microsoft. ;)