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  1. radyjko

    About respawning

    Ok, I want to set spawn in dimension other than Overworld. Let's say it'll be Mars. Now, I don't want something like when I die i respawn on Mars, I want to spawn on Mars after creating world. So: 1. Is there any way to do it with Galacticraft 3? If Yes how? If no then 2. 2. Is there any mod...
  2. radyjko

    Crossbow mod

    Does this mod will be updated to 1.7.2? Or is it abandon?
  3. radyjko

    Air properties & Space Gear suggestion

    This thread is about atmospheres of other planets, and ways to protect against them. OK, here we go: Air properties: Has atmosphere (True, False) False - Planet has no atmosphere. Other air properties (except radiation) will be ignored. Also you can't obtain oxygen in unsealed rooms or...
  4. radyjko

    Achievements for Galacticraft

    Along with 1.7 we received better achievement system. So why don't use new feature? Especially because main mod of Micdoodle8 - Galacticraft has no any achievements, but hid another mod - Crossbow mod has! Before achievements itself, about tags: Green Mean Easy Achievement Orange Mean Medium...