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  1. Douglas_Fresh

    My GC3 Space Station

    Ok so it's not the fanciest thing ever and there's not much to it, but that's why I like it. This is my take on the earlier stages of a semi-realistic space station with just a couple capsules so far. I wanted it to look much more simplistic and have a "function over form" type of feel like...
  2. Douglas_Fresh

    Redstone control for Arc Lamp

    I know it's only the beta and was only released today so I don't know it there are any further plans related to the arc lamp, but if it's not already planned I would like to suggest being able to turn arc lamps off if they receive a redstone signal.
  3. Douglas_Fresh

    Colored Oxygen Pipe?

    So maybe this has been around for a while and maybe it should be super obvious as to how to craft it, but I've never seen anything in-game (on mine or others' videos) and can't find any information about it. The question: do colored oxygen pipes really exist in the "standar" Galacticraft...
  4. Douglas_Fresh

    New HQ for upcoming series!

    EDIT: For any and everybody that is remotely interested and/or possibly waiting for this series, I apologize for the delay. I was fully planning on making the series as soon as the base was finished...then word came out about Galacticraft 3 so I decided I was going to wait to include its...
  5. Douglas_Fresh

    Infinite Oxygen Tank (Creative ONLY, like the Infinite Battery)

    I propose a pretty simple addition. I would greatly appreciate it if there was an infinite oxygen tank to be used just like infinite batteries. THIS IS A CREATIVE-ONLY ITEM. It would make creative builds much simpler if you aren't wanting to create an entire system to collect oxygen. Thanks...
  6. Douglas_Fresh

    Watch Me Twitch

    I just thought I'd share if anyone is interested. I finally created a Twitch channel if anyone wants to watch. If you don't see me online I may have some Past Broadcasts to watch.
  7. Douglas_Fresh

    Air Lock Tutorial

    Some people have asked about using air locks so hear is my attempt at clearing up how the air lock itself works.
  8. Douglas_Fresh

    Crashes when sensor glasses are worn

    Minecraft Version = 1.6.2 Forge Version = Galacticraft Version = Detailed Description = After updating to 2.0.7 there were no issues until the moment I put the sensor glasses on. There was a short pause and then the game crashed. Thanks for your help. Full Forge Log =...
  9. Douglas_Fresh

    Easy view oxygen indicator (for sealed rooms)

    You can now see this setup in action in my newest Air Lock tutorial video (starting at 5:55) : I'm sure I'm not the first to build this type of system, but I like to have an inverted red light and a standard (not inverted)...
  10. Douglas_Fresh

    View distance after entering/exiting rocket

    I was just curious if anybody knows of a way to return the third person zoom distance back to default after using a rocket. I generally don't use third person, but on the occasion that I do I find it mildly irritating that it has become zoomed so far out. Exiting and re-launching the map fixes...
  11. Douglas_Fresh

    1st person view when using rockets

    I'm not sure if there is a particular reason why it is not currently available, but I would certainly appreciate it if the "altimeter" and launch countdown HUD were visible when in first person view inside the rocket. It's not such a big deal, I just often like to ascend in first person for the...
  12. Douglas_Fresh

    Real life Minecraft?

  13. Douglas_Fresh

    My Headquarters [New Video]

    Now with a new and improved exterior!! Hey guys! I uploaded a new (first ever) video of my headquarters. I hope you like it! This is a strictly survival world if it makes much difference. Hey guys. I just thought I'd share my begginings into the Galacticraft mod. It is by no means very...
  14. Douglas_Fresh

    Can't find what you need on the Wiki page?

    First, make sure you are using the Official Galacticraft Wiki at If you still need help I've created a thread for all your input. If you can't find what you need or you see that information is outdated, please let me know so I can fix it here...
  15. Douglas_Fresh

    Lost game save after updating to 2.0.6

    Minecraft Version = 1.6.2 Forge Version = Galacticraft Version = Detailed Description = I had a saved game that was last played on GC Saw that update was available so I updated it. Ran Minecraft and loaded that saved game just fine. Saved and quit a...
  16. Douglas_Fresh

    Can't find help from the Wiki? Please let us know!

    First - make sure you are using the Official Galacticraft Wiki at Hello everybody! I know many people are frustrated with the wiki page for Galacticraft. I have learned that some of the issue is from people using the wrong wiki web site. Try using the link above. Whether...
  17. Douglas_Fresh

    Tether/Safety Harness

    Seeing as there is great risk of falling off of a space station I thought it may be useful and possibly simple to make a tether or safety harness. It could work in much the same way as a vanilla lead for mobs but you would attach one end to yourself and the other to a rail (edit: like a hand...
  18. Douglas_Fresh

    Mod suggestions?

    Hey everybody, I was just looking for suggestions for some additional mods. Looking for technology-based mods...sort of. I have Galacticraft and Atomic Science and I want some stuff to "match" their styles meaning more modern stuff (i.e. Flashlight, MineChem, ComputerCraft). Or even more...
  19. Douglas_Fresh

    Canadarm...rocket pack alternative

    I know several people have suggested making a rocket pack of sorts for EVA's on space stations, which I would thoroughly appreciate, but I have thought of another idea. While I don't know how difficult it would be to implement, I think it would be pretty badass to have a Canadarm on a space...
  20. Douglas_Fresh

    Space Debris/Asteroid Fields on Space Stations

    A couple possible ideas to make life on a space station a little more interesting and risky could be space debris or asteroids. Basically take the meteoroids from the moon and add them to space stations, though with less frequent impacts since it is a much smaller target. Could give you reason...