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  1. Douglas_Fresh

    When is it daytime on the Moon?

    Have you looked through this page? I think the information here covers the topic pretty well.
  2. Douglas_Fresh

    Why hello there! How's it going? I've been fairly absent for a while because I've had some...

    Why hello there! How's it going? I've been fairly absent for a while because I've had some "distractions", but that's going to change rather soon. Then I'll be able to focus back on the wiki and making the guide videos I always wanted to do as well as other projects I'd like to do!
  3. Douglas_Fresh

    Can't find help from the Wiki? Please let us know!

    Just to make sure we're referring to the same source, are you using this page?
  4. Douglas_Fresh

    Sealable Block Blastlist

    You may ADD block id's to make them ABLE to seal, but to the best of my knowledge you can't REMOVE blocks to make them NON-SEALABLE.
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    I'm not sure if you're exaggerating on the "8 dimensions", but just in case you are being serious there aren't 8 yet. You can see other planets on the map now, but they don't exist yet. Unless you're looking at an add-on or something.
  6. Douglas_Fresh

    Gravity Problems in space station

    Can you move vertically when near a wall (or other object)?
  7. Douglas_Fresh

    Can't find crafting recipes

    Just to make sure, which wiki are you looking at? From what I see, you don't need steel for a Coal Generator according to this page: I verified it in-game (with NEI) and the most recent recipe is still accurate.
  8. Douglas_Fresh

    Galacticraft 3 Release Notes

    I really liked CraftGuide because it works more like a manual or reference book, but it only shows recipes and doesn't show how to use machines. And no, the cheating part won't work unless you have been given permission/op status because it works the same as if you typed in "/give [player]...
  9. Douglas_Fresh

    List of blocks meteors can't break through?

    Just curious...where did you find that? I would like to add that to the wiki, but I want to make sure it's legitimate first. Thanks
  10. Douglas_Fresh

    Orbital Miner

    It could be a good way to continuously supply the space station with raw materials. Instead of having to ship it all up from the Overworld, it would get "pumped" straight where you need it. If you haven't seen it, Yogscast just installed a laser drill on their space station and is essentially...
  11. Douglas_Fresh

    Infinite Oxygen Tank (Creative ONLY, like the Infinite Battery)

    Very nice work guys. I'm very happy to see this implemented.
  12. Douglas_Fresh

    Gameplay questions

    No worries. I don't know how long ago you looked, but it's newer information I added not too long ago. Happy to help out.
  13. Douglas_Fresh

    Gameplay questions "Occurrence Cheese Ore can be found between layers Y=0 and Y=128 with a frequency of 12 clumps within every chunk" You could make simple piston doors
  14. Douglas_Fresh

    Redstone controlled spin thrusters (Control the spin!)

    You could have 8 thrusters: two on each side, 4 rotating clockwise, 4 rotating counterclockwise. You could write a program on a ComputerCraft terminal that controls redstone signals to the thrusters of the correct direction and the correct number of them to be on which determines the speed.
  15. Douglas_Fresh

    Redstone controlled spin thrusters (Control the spin!)

    Yeah I was thinking if they could be controlled by redstone you could wire systems that could achieve the same result. Particularly with ComputerCraft computers and networks.
  16. Douglas_Fresh

    Redstone controlled spin thrusters (Control the spin!)

    I agree. It would be nice to simply switch them on and off. Perhaps there could be an option on the thruster (like on the air lock controller) so you could invert whether redstone turns it on or off.
  17. Douglas_Fresh

    Alien crashed sites

    I think maybe he meant elaborate on what kind of loot there would be and what the mob(s) might be like.
  18. Douglas_Fresh

    All Armdn's Bases, Stations and Shuttles.

    That's awesome!!
  19. Douglas_Fresh

    armdn's Moon Colony: Base 1.

    I agree. That's exactly what I like about it.
  20. Douglas_Fresh

    armdn's Moon Colony: Base 1.