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  1. sebasti161

    Some more AMAZING suggestion's!

    Hello everyone! This is my second suggestion thread. Please take you're time to read this: :) First of all here is some of my idea's: Gravity Computer: Make's the gravity of the little area you are in at 100% (For...
  2. sebasti161

    Bug report

    Minecraft Version = 1.6.4 Forge Version = Galacticraft Version = 2.0.2 #862 Detailed Description = Can't place Air lock controller. Right click Launch controller causes crash, (all of this is on the most popular GalactiCraft server, mine! :D) Placing air lock controller =...
  3. sebasti161

    A suggestion by Sebastian.

    For the space station: There should be a feature, if you right click the blue thing in your space station, it comes up a GUI that you can choose who should be able to come to your Space station and maybe you could add more options there for example if you don't want to own the station anymore...